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CBN Night Night

CBN 450mg – CBG 450mg – Another innovative blend brought to you by Priceland Hemp.

CBG (cannabigero) – CBG is one of the lesser known cannabinoids. it is thought to be effective in treating glaucoma as it may reduce the intraocular pressure. It appears to have powerful vasodilator and neuroprotective effects, and may prove to play significant role in regulating blood pressure. It’s also being studied for inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohns & Huntington’s, colon cancer fighting, appetite stimulant, bladder contractions, and an antibacterial agent.

CBN (cannabinol) – CBN, like some of the other cannabinoids is being studied for it’s anibacterial, neuroprotectant, and appetite stimulation properties. But it’s best known for its ability to act as a sleep aid. CBN is made from aged Hemp and like fine wine gets better over time. The terpenes are the magic in CBN that acts as a natural sedative to help you relax and sleep.


10 reviews for CBN Oil

  1. Michael

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  2. Karen

    This stuff is amazing! I have been having problems sleeping for years. Since taking this I sleep great. I will continue to take this

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  3. Ngoc Khanh

    This is an amazing product and highly recommend it! I could not be more satisfied with this company!

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  4. Cindi M.

    Has been a game changer! I can actually sleep through the night!

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  5. Anonymous

    Very happy with the product I purchased, CBN Night Night works excellent for falling asleep, also Priceland has fast shipping. Thank you!!

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  6. Terry R.

    usWisconsin, United States

    Love the Night Night drops. Use them about 2 hours before I plan on going to bed and I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. What a relief! Quick shipping and packaging is wonderful! Highly recommend this company and especially these drops!!

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  7. Becky Papenfuss

    usMinnesota, United States

    This helps me sleep at night. It works for me.

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  8. Terry

    usWisconsin, United States

    Quick delivery, subscription available. Great product! Sleeping better than ever before!!

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  9. Andrea Morrison

    Works great and arrived quickly!

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  10. Amy Roberts

    Love this stuff! Fast shipping to Florida. Thanks a bunch!

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