CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats


Our Prairie Life CBD Oil with a Hemp oil carrier is formulated to be gentle on your pets digestive system and reach the endocannabinoid system quickly, the system responsible for maintaining a healthy balance for your pet. Whether it’s seizures, anxiety, joint pain or pain associated with cancer. One thing is for sure, you want your fur-baby to live a happy healthy life.

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FAQs CBD Oil for Dogs


Is Priceland Hemp CBD for dogs Safe?

— Yes, cbd is ok for dogs.  Ingredients are all natural certified GMP.   CBD is well tolerated by dogs.

What does CBD do for dogs?

All of your fur babies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a role in regulating sleep, mood, appetite, inflammation, chronic pain and more.   CBD Oil from the Hemp Plant contains cannabinoids which fuel the ECS.  As a result your pooch feels better, is able to sleep better, and be less nervous.

How much CBD should I give to my dog?

Really depends on your dogs weight,

Weight / Dose

  • 25lbs or less = half an eyedropper (0.5ml)
  • 25lbs – 65lbs – one or two full eyedroppers (1-2ml)
  • 65lbs or more = two to four eyedroppers (2-4ml)

Start with smallest dose and work up to full dose.  Give with food twice a day.

Can I place the CBD Oil for dogs directly in my dogs mouth?

Yes.  We suggest using a small baby syringe to sqirt the CBD oil into the side of their mouth with snout in held up.  DO NOT PLACE EYEDROPPER IN YOUR DOGS MOUTH.

What are the ingredients in Priceland Hemp dog cbd?

Only 2 natural ingredients.

  1. Full-Spectrum Wisconsin grown CBD oil –  Full-spectrum means it also contains other cannabinoids with work with each other to providing calming & relaxation without any effects normally associated with marijuana
  2. Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp Seed is is the carrier oil we use for pets because they tolerate that much better that the coconut MCT we use for humans.  Plus its rich with omegas and vitamins like B1, B2, B6, E, Calcium, Magnesium, and other healthy enzymes.

How long will CBD for dogs take before having an effect

It really depends.  If your dogs diet is a already rich with plant based foods then they most likely have a robust endocannabinoid system.  If that is the case it will take less time as starting with smallest dose.   For those with less plant base foods it will take longer to build the ECS and may need  a higher dose to see more immediate effects.

Can Hemp CBD for dogs help with Seizures?

Actually the FDA has approved CBD to be used as a siezure medication in humans.  Anecdotal reports by pet owners suggest that it also helps with their dogs who have mild seizures.

Can Pet CBD help with arthritic pain?

Some dogs are restless due to pain.  They have a hard time sleeping throughout the night.  Waking to eat, go potty, and just seem uncomfortable.  You may be pleasantly surprised to see that your senior dog/s who were slow to get up, starts feeling a little more spunky after having had CBD as part of their daily routine. But importantly you need to wake them up in the morning because they’re sleeping so good.

Will CBD for dogs help with Anxiety

Most pet-parents don’t want to use anti-anxiety prescribed drugs and try our Priceland Hemp CBD for dogs as alternative.  After about a week of having our Hemp Seed CBD Oil they tend to sleep better, feel better, have spring in their step, and look more focused.  If your furry partner has trouble with thunderstorms, and other loud noises like fire crackers and gun shots then this the best cbd for dogs at the best price

Is Priceland Hemp Pet CBD Oil good for Cats?

Yes, it will help cats as well.  Most cats could care less about and noise but they sometimes have trouble with being crated for a car ride.   Sometimes if you have a cat the is just outright “cranky” and won’t let you touch him without a hissing or clawing you then he’s a good candidate for CBD.  But check with your vet first as your favorite feline may have an underlying condition causing them to act out.

How often should we give our dogs a dose of CBD Oil?

We suggest giving half-dose twice a day with food.  However it is perfectly safe to give a full dose one time a day with food.

Will CBD improve our dogs appetite?

If you have a dog that isn’t eating then please consult your veterinarian.  However if you have a dog with a poor prognosis due to an illness like cancer the using CBD is good way to improve their appetite.

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