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CBD oil 3000MG Natural is designed to provide your body with the nourishment it needs. It contains full spectrum CBD and cannabidiol isolates for a powerful yet mild CBD solution. Our CBD oil is also 3:1, containing more CBD than some products available on the market. CBD oil has many effects on the body, including reducing anxiety and promoting a steadier sleep cycle.

Features of CBD Oil 3000mg Natural

100% Organic Hemp

CBD Oil 3000mg is a natural, non-toxic, and non-GMO product. We use the food-grade solvent-free CO2 extraction technology to isolate the CBD from the cannabis plant. The CBD oil has a very light taste that mixes well with any food or beverage.

No intoxicating effects

CBD Oil is a revolutionary hemp extract that you can take orally. Containing over 14 Phytocannabinoids and has proven therapeutic benefits. CBD Oil contains less than 0.3 % tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). That makes it entirely non-intoxicating and non-addictive.

Non -toxic and Non-GMO

Lab-tested and certified non-toxic and non-GMO so that you can get your dosages of the purest organic CBD. Our CBD 3000 MG comes from organic hemp plants. All oil is grown free of herbicides, pesticides, and solvents, extracted in a carbon dioxide-free manufacturing process, with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors added. Our products also pass through third-party lab analysis testing.

Potent Hemp Extracts

CBD oil drops work faster than CBD capsules or tablets, delivering immediate relief to the body. Our drops also come in a bottle that’s convenient to carry and doesn’t need the use of eyedroppers and syringes. 3000mg is one of the most potent hemp extracts we offer, used for severe and chronic health issues that require more powerful tonics for relief.

How to use

CBD Oil 3000 mg Natural serve is a good option for individuals who want to take in CBD. How you use CBD oil will depend on your particular condition. You can either take it orally or add it to beverages or foods. Please ensure you take the optimal dosage in the morning and at night. This will provide you with all the benefits associated with taking CBD oil. Since CBD is safe, you won’t have to worry about getting any side effects.

The effects of CBD oil vary based on the user. Effects are sometimes subtle and take time to notice. Begin with a small dosage and increase slowly. We recommend starting with a few drops twice a day (morning and night), then adjusting as needed.

Benefits and dosage

Our 3000mg CBD Oil will give you a relaxing and rejuvenating effect! Sourced from the finest Organic Hemp, CBD is a natural compound that helps reduce pain and inflammation. This oil is a natural way to manage joint pain, acne, dry skin, anxiety, and more!

The CBD oil drops can be a daily dietary supplement. To consume, place the required dosage (33mg) under the tongue and wait at least 20-30 seconds before swallowing.


65 reviews for CBD Oil 3000MG NATURAL

  1. Ryan

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  2. Christine

    All good

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  3. Reba

    Good product and good price. Always timely arrival of the CBD.

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  4. Darla A.

    This CBD oil, 3000mg is a lifesaver for me! It helps with anxiety and helps me sleep! Priceland is a phenomenal company! I place my order and my package is here within a couple days & I live on the east coast. Their products are pure and organically grown.

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  5. Brandy

    I found out about CBD oil from my daughter. I have arthritis in both of my big toes. So you can imagine it hurt even just to do something as simple as walking. I bought rocker bottom shoes to help with the pain but it wasn’t helping 100%. I decided to try CBD oil. I am truly amazed at how much the pain has subsided. While it is not completely gone, I am able to walk with no pain! I forget I have arthritis. CBD oil had also helped with sleeping. So an added bonus! I would definitely recommend trying this. I found the dose that works for me. Also, the customer service is amazing. ???? Thank you Priceland Hemp for making a great quality CBD oil.

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  6. Emily H.

    My favorite CBD brand, love it!

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  7. Anonymous

    usWisconsin, United States

    Has helped reduce Anxiety. Thanks for making such a great product.

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  8. Raymond

    usWisconsin, United States

    I use this to help relieve stress and pain. I have been a customer since this store opened.

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  9. Stretch V.

    usWisconsin, United States

    This product allows for better sleep along with less fatigue and body aches.
    Super fast shipping too.

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  10. Stretch

    Works great for agood night’s sleep.

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