Blended CBD & CBG Oil

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A blend of 1500mg CBD with 750mg CBG

The Dynamic Duo

CBD combined with concentrated CBG offers a one-two punch for those looking for a little boost beyond normal CBD Oil.

CBG (cannabigero) – CBG has a lot going on. It is one of the most sought after but also the least abundant of the cannabinoids. It is thought to be effective in treating glaucoma as it may reduce the intraocular pressure. It appears to have powerful vasodilator and neuroprotective effects, and may prove to play significant role in regulating blood pressure. It’s also being studied for inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohns & Huntington’s along with colon cancer fighting, appetite stimulant, bladder contractions, and for it’s antibacterial properties.

CBD (cannabidiol) – CBD is the most abundant of the cannabinoids and one of the most studied. CBD seems to influence serotonin causing improvement for those with anxiety and sleep issues. It’s also noted as an effective neuropathic and inflammatory pain reliever. CBD is well known an FDA approved medicine called Epidiolex which has proven to be effective with treating seizures.


7 reviews for Blended CBD & CBG Oil

  1. Michael

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  2. Bill

    Great product! Use it daily

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  3. Anonymous

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  4. William Carrington

    I’m in my early 60’s and work in the electrical construction trades. Just started with your new CBD/CBG BRAND, it seems to help keep me on an even plane with the wear and tear of going up and down ladders and stairs and wearing a 20 pound tool belt all day. I have always been a light sleeper but now find myself sleeping more soundly without waking up 4 times a night. I will continue using this so I can keep up with the young bucks. Thanks !

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  5. Rita

    A very good blend – Priceland is my favorite place for CBD products. Great customer service & quick delivery. Excellent products.

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  6. Jennifer

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  7. Mary F.

    usUnited States

    I have chronic pain and inflamation. This has help a great deal with the pain. It REALLY helped with my inflamation.

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