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2000mg CBD Hemp Oil – 30ml/1 fl. oz.


Made with pharmaceutical, organic Hemp, our 2000mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil Tincture has been lab-tested and certified as non-toxic and non-GMO, so you can rest assured you’re buying the finest Hemp in all of Wisconsin.

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Key Features

60-Day Supply

No Intoxicating Effects

100% Organic Hemp

Non-Toxic and Non-GMO

Potential Benefits

CBD is believed to help with various ailments — both psychological and physical — including ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Inflammation, Insomnia, Menstrual Cramps, Parkinson’s, and even Stress.

Dosage / Instructions

Safe for all, including children. Recommended dosage is 1/4 of a dropper (16mg) to be taken twice daily. To consume, place the required dosage under the tongue and wait at least ten seconds before swallowing.

This product is not for sale to persons under the age of 18. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease.

59 reviews for 2000mg CBD Hemp Oil – 30ml/1 fl. oz.

  1. Terri Wernecke

  2. Anonymous

  3. Patty DeYoung

    Great quick service

  4. Bettina Liimatta

  5. Shari

  6. Garrett

  7. Patty D.

  8. Lacy Nesler


    My only complaint is being able to pay right away versus you having to get my check before shipping. I would like to sell wholesale, but not sure if I am able to do $1000 a month. I sell about 12 bottles a month now with another company. I am from Illinois and am interested in a company more local. I like the fact that it is grown and manufactured up here. Not sure where the stuff is grown that i am selling. I am putting two of my most helped customers(with CBD oil) on your oil to see how it works for them. As soon as they have taken a couple weeks I will order more.


  11. Patricia Astrup

    Easy access on website to order, prompt mailing of product which arrived safely.

  12. Stacy R.

    Product is great, just wish shipping was not as expensive. I do shipments at my company that tends to do small volume of shipments and rates are less. I would like the option of longer shipping time for less cost.

  13. Anonymous

  14. Beverly Meyer

    You’re awesome!!!!

  15. Paul

  16. Rita Light

  17. Anonymous

    Miracle! Has helped our son with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

  18. Jeanne

    I love this product.

  19. danny hafermann

  20. Beverly Meyer

    Totally amazed how it has helped me! You are awesome!

  21. Andrea

  22. Doug A.

    1/4 of a dropper twice a day takes away the arthritis in my hands and helps with the chronic neck pain.

  23. Anonymous

  24. Kaily

    High quality product, I can trust at a reasonable price, what more could I ask for. Cbd has been a lifesaver from the chronic pain I feel due to fracturing my neck in a motorcycle accident. I was taking way more than the recommended dose of tylenol and ibuprofen so the next step was prescription pain killers which I wanted to avoid if possible so I tried cbd and I’m so glad I did. It really works for me.

  25. Frances TeVoert

    Excellent product for good price helps with my arthritis pain

  26. patricia

    This is the best CBD oil and shopping online is a breeze. We have tried several other brands of CBD oil and they don’t compare. Taste, strength and effectiveness.

  27. Robert

    At this time, I do not believe that I have had enough time for me to discover the true effects of my taking this hemp oil. I have only been on it for 30 days. Therefore, I chose what I believe to be a neutral position.

  28. David Tess

    very accommodating and prompt

  29. Kathy

  30. Marilyn Creasey

    Great people to deal with

  31. Anonymous

  32. Anonymous


  33. Frances TeVoert

  34. Anonymous

  35. Edith Lambright

  36. Paul Stewart

    I’m a firm believer on this stuff and how it works. I’ve seen it work on my wife and now I bought some for my Mother who’s been in terrible pain. It’s been a week now and we’re alrea seeing improvements.


  38. Susan Fettig

  39. William M.

    Great product.

  40. Cheryl Jossart

  41. Carol Jorgensen

  42. Richard Anderson

    Took too long to get, delivery in Wisconsin should only be 1-2 days. Took 4 days to get

  43. Rosemarie F.

    I felt the 1000mg was stronger than the 2000mg.
    The service was great and very fast. They are very helpful.

  44. Amy S.

    Does much better on my pain than the 1000 mg

  45. Scott Bruns

  46. Patricia L.

  47. Will M.

    Great product!

  48. Cheri Enters

    The price may prohibit me from continuing to order. It’s very helpful, but expensive for me.

  49. Scott Bruns

  50. william lynch

  51. Anonymous

  52. Brandy

    CBD oil has really helped me with my tinnitus. I developed it about a year ago and it was a struggle to get to sleep at night. It isn’t gone but the CBD oil helps me to relax and fall asleep without the aniexty that the ringing caused. I also have arthritis in both of my big toes. Sometimes it hurts to walk. The oil has helped. The pain isn’t 100% gone but I am able to take my dogs for a walk. I’m only 45 so this oil has really been a life saver. Highly recommend trying it.

  53. Kay O.

    Really trust this product. My 13 year old Schnauzer and I take it 2x a day. We’re both doing well on it. Best CBD oil that I have used. Service is also excellent!

  54. Keith

  55. Anonymous

    Fast fantastic service

  56. Arvid Schouten

  57. william lynch

  58. David Murray

  59. Elizabeth

    Just started using 2000 mg so to soon to rate.

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