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1000mg CBD Hemp Oil – 30ml/1 fl. oz.


Made with pharmaceutical, organic Hemp, our 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil Tincture has been lab-tested and certified as non-toxic and non-GMO, so you can rest assured you’re buying the finest Hemp in all of Wisconsin. Click here to see the most recent lab test results for our 1000mg CBD Oil

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Key Features

30-Day Supply

No Intoxicating Effects

100% Organic Hemp

Non-Toxic and Non-GMO

Potential Benefits

CBD is believed to help with various ailments — both psychological and physical — including ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Inflammation, Insomnia, Menstrual Cramps, Parkinson’s, and even Stress.

Dosage / Instructions

Safe for all, including children. Recommended dosage is one dropper (33mg) to be taken daily. To consume, place the required dosage under the tongue and wait at least ten seconds before swallowing.

This product is not for sale to persons under the age of 18. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease.

170 reviews for 1000mg CBD Hemp Oil – 30ml/1 fl. oz.

  1. Bathsheba Black

    I very happy with this product

  2. David Kojis

  3. Beth D.

  4. Allen Wildish

    We’ll continue to use Priceland CBD oil and have recommended to many friends.

  5. Barbara A.

  6. Anonymous

  7. Connie C.

    Works wonders.

  8. Donna

  9. Bathsheba Black

  10. Kay Dawson

  11. Alexandra

    This product helps me relax enough to fall asleep and stay asleep, and came quickly to my home after I ordered it. I am incredibly pleased with the product and the company!

  12. Terri Wernecke

  13. Anonymous

    speedy delivery…which is good because it really helps my joints !

  14. Stephen Z.

    My wife has RA and it makes her life bearable.

  15. Connie C.

  16. Marilyn

    Great product. Only wish there were more incentives for regular customers as it is very expensive purchasing monthly when insurance doesn’t cover this.

    • admin

      please use save15 for $15 off or freeship100 for free shipping

    • admin

      please enjoy coupon code: save10 for 10% off your next order

  17. Anonymous

    Order regularly. Would like coupon codes for discounts to at least cover shipping. Thanks

    • admin

      please enjoy our coupon: save10 for 10% percent off your order. Thank you very much

  18. Justin

    Quality product and fast arrival time.

  19. Gregory Henriques

  20. Michael Fisher


    This product is amazing. I had much pain in my hips, legs and feet. Had a terrible time getting up from a sitting position and always used a cain to walk. None of that anymore!!!!!! I get up very easily now and can walk without a cain and the biggest thing is that I am now off 800 mg Ibuprofen. Thank you so much for your product. My wife is so excited in the change with me that she is telling everyone about your products.

    • admin

      So great hearing your experience!!! We love peoples responses. Please check us our at Better Business Bureau and fill out a review.

  22. Shari K.

    Safely packed and delivered on time

  23. Katie

  24. Kristin

  25. Allen Wildish

    Really appreciated phone call about order and saving some money by increasing order volume. Great customer service!!

  26. Brenda Dick

  27. Ruth Kibbe


  28. Peggy Lanser

  29. Mark Hecker

    Works well,fast delivery, very reasonable prices.

  30. Rita Light

    I have tried many different CBD oils & Priceland works the best for me. I highly recommend it for pain – anxiety & sleep issues. I will continue to purchase from Priceland.

  31. Alan

    This product is a life saver for me. I have multiple combat injury’s and mild PTSD. This has replaced the high power pain pills that seems to be the VA Hospital answer for everything and has gave me my life back. Thank you!

  32. Michael K.

  33. Joanne Hanson

    Just increased our dosGe on last order so been too soon to tell the diff.

  34. Anonymous

  35. Doug A.

  36. Bobbi Lund

  37. Jennifer M.

    Great product, fast shipping.

  38. April Coan

  39. deborah k.

    Great authentic products never disappointed

  40. Joan Dulek

  41. Heidi D.

    Works great! Ships fast! Price is better than anyplace else! Will be sticking with PRICELAND HEMP for all my CBD needs:-):-)

  42. Athena Bartholomew

  43. Robert

  44. Anonymous

  45. Anonymous

    Excellent service and product. I am ordering bottles for two older friends now because it eliminated my knee pain completely and is reducing my mother’s knee pain dramatically. I am also giving it to my arthritic dog and she is all smiley and waggy! I wish I would’ve known about this years ago.

  46. Jim

    Did not notice anything different

  47. karen

  48. Alan

    Fast service and a high quality CBD products

  49. Thomas

  50. Connie C.

    I injuries my knee at work and will need A knee replacement. A very good friend introduced me to your cbd oil and what a difference. I had to order my own. I cannot believe what fast and prompt service.

  51. Daniel H.

  52. Anonymous

  53. Julie W.

  54. Anonymous

  55. karen ramthun

  56. Josh S.

    Berry happy with the quality, price, and speed of delivery with Priceland! Will be back!

  57. Jennifer Jahnke

    Fast shipping! Great product! Thanks

  58. Brad Solberg

    As usual the product arrived quickly. The oil continues to benefit my kidney disease.

  59. Anonymous

  60. deborah k.

    this CBD oil is by far the best product compared to others of the same.

  61. Cheryl Welander

    did help but very little

  62. Anthony

    Great product, worked with me on my orders to East TN.

  63. Lin Fonder

    Excellent service and product!

  64. Brad Solberg

    I am taking the oil for kidney disease and have seen a significant improvement in my kidney function test. I feel the oil is keeping me stable and so does my physician.

  65. Edith Lambright

  66. Anonymous

  67. Denise W.

    I ordered the product over the Internet and it arrived promptly. The product works and the process is easy.

  68. Brad Solberg

    My kidneys continue to improve and I am pain free.

  69. Anonymous

  70. Robert

  71. Anonymous

    No more migraines. Much less arthritis pain. This product is consistent, shipping is quick.

  72. David Olson

  73. Karen Tronecker

    Gotta bring down the price—-living on tight fixed budget is tough

  74. Kim A.

  75. william cilley

  76. James

    Good Service. Oil arrived on time. Feeling Better/

  77. Carla Rubusch

  78. Anonymous

  79. Kelly

    Love the product and delivery is quick, quick, quick!!! Thank you very much!!!

  80. Angela K.

  81. David C Acker

    We use this product daily and like the results.

  82. Linda

    Quick, fast delivery. Website is super easy to use.

  83. Sharon C.

  84. Phyllis Lokken

    I am very happy with your Hemp Oil and Thank you for the sample cream.

  85. Amy Santana-Stuettgen

    Have been using since January 2018. Would love to utilize the coupon that is offered at checkout but am unsure how to obtain it. Thanks for helping my MH Zane multiple sclerosis symptoms. Your CBD oil is a true lifesaver !!!

  86. Dennis L.

  87. Anonymous

  88. Carol Davis

    Helped my husband get off of pain meds for Parkinson

  89. Anonymous

  90. Anonymous

  91. bev meyer

  92. Sysan Erickson

  93. Anonymous

  94. Lisa W.

    After 3 days felt better , after 3 months I feel great. Fatigue gone and can go through my day with out thinking or really noticing lower back pain with every move I make. I have recommend this wonderful product to others.

  95. Anonymous

  96. Anonymous

  97. Melanie

  98. frank galindo

  99. Ann L.

  100. mary pickering

    Never received

  101. Anonymous

    Reduced 12 years of pain down to nothing. Already bought my second bottle!

  102. John

    No idea if I got a bad batch or what. I take 30mg 2x daily for pain management and with other brands that is plenty. This brand however had zero effect even at higher doses. I ended up throwing it away with 1/2 a bottle left.

  103. Amy Santana-Stuettgen

  104. Janet Wollum

  105. Nancy

  106. Karen Tronecker

  107. Sharon C.

  108. Anonymous

  109. Melanie W.

  110. deborah k.

    really like this product, daily use of this and cream i feel pretty good.

  111. Amy Schroeder

  112. ian smith

    products that meet expectations and punctual service; i, will continue to recommend priceland.

  113. Melissa

    I love it! It seems to be helping my psoriasis. I’m hoping to visit your store soon!

  114. Anonymous

  115. Brad Solberg

    My credit card does not reflect a change in the charges for being a veteran. It still shows you took $71.

  116. frank galindo

  117. Anonymous

    Ordered online, arrived quickly. The price was half of what I paid for another brand of 1000 mg of CBD oil awhile ago. It had a good taste and really takes the edge off my back pain. I will be definitely be purchasing again.

  118. Marilyn Fellenz

  119. Arvid Schouten

  120. Samuel Thorell

  121. mary pickering

  122. kelly

    I was very pleased with the fast,fast service I received on your site and with shipping it was so easy and I’am not computer smart!! Your product is great!! It really helps with my RA pain, swelling and stiffness!! Thanx for everything. I’ve already told people about your products and site. Can’t wait to try some of your other stuff as well!!

  123. Daniel

  124. Elizabeth

    Pain is somewhat reduced but much reduced inflammation.

  125. Anonymous

  126. Peggy M.

    It is helping my arthritis! Very easy to use.

  127. Clarence Skinner

  128. James e Ulvi

    They were great processed my order right away and I had my oil 2days

  129. Sue Myszka

  130. Peggy Lanser

  131. Anonymous

  132. sue

    helped arthritis in hand but wanted some leg pain relief The service I received was fantastic ordered on Saturday Got on Monday

  133. Anonymous

  134. Valerie Malanowski

    I just started it ask me in a week or so. Fast mail service.

  135. Anonymous

    Have only been using about a week. No noticeable changes yet, I figure 2-3 weeks I should start seeing results.

  136. Peggy Lanser

  137. Stacey

  138. Scott Dale

    I’m so impressed with the product,the people are so caring and helpful…since I’ve been on my CBD oil I’m off my anxiety meds, not having problems with insomnia and pain has been reduced. Can’t praise this product enough. I will always be using this.. thank you Priceland…p.s. I was also on strong pain meds and anxiety meds for over 10 years and no longer take them.👍

  139. Beth

  140. Karen

    This is my second order of CBD oil from PriceLand Hemp. I like ordering from because I know I’m getting quality oil. Prices are good and I like supporting businesses from my state

  141. Michael Janke

  142. Tom Thompson

    Extremely pleased. Fast shipment appreciated. Excellent service.


  144. Sharon Lamers

    I am on my second bottle of CBD oil. The first bottle was from another company. My experience has been good. I (74) have bad shoulder pain and it took the big edge of pain away. My sister (75) tried her first bottle and in 5 days she was able to lift her arms up and actually brush her hair. This is a terrific improvement. She has fibromyalgia, lyme disease, bad degenerative arthritis having replaced knees, hips and has suffered a broken neck. She uses a walker as well. So she knows pain. She is happy with the results so far. The only problem she has is the taste. Can she put in a drop of lemon extract to curb that taste? Will that compromise the effects of CBD?
    So, we give the oil a 4 at this point, but it is closer to 5 with hopes it will work better as time goes on. Thanks, Sharon Lamers

  145. Gloria D.

    Order came on time. Website is user friendly. Product help with inflammation muscle spasum and pain. I will order again from your company.
    Than you.

  146. Teresa

    I got it within 3 days. It was packaged well.

  147. Colette L.

    I am so glad I’m able to order this online I received it in 2 days!

  148. Debra

    Quick shipping & a good price!!

  149. James S.

  150. Marshall C.

    The order and delivery on time thank you. The pain relief we had hoped for still waiting ?

  151. Sue Myszka

  152. Clarence Skinner

  153. Anonymous

    Works fine, tastes fine. Please, label your product so that the individual knows that 1000 mg refers to all of the liquid in the bottle, not mg dosage per day. Your labeling is inconsistent with supplemental and medical products. I was initially scared to take such a high dosage, but called and it was explained. Welcome to WI!!! We need this. Thank you.

  154. Nancy

    I”m neutral on this yet, as I just started taking it a couple of days ago and at less than full dosage for now. I hope to ramp up the dosage and feel some benefits in a few weeks.

  155. Thomas

    Very fast order fulfillment. I like the higher mg percent. I have noticed relief.

  156. Amy S.

    Taste and texture are interesting. Gonna keep taking for the benefits as multiple sclerosis is a great challenge ..

  157. Janice Sundby

  158. Anonymous

  159. Heidi D.

    I just started taking this. I will keep u posted.

  160. Kelli Kading

  161. Anonymous

  162. Scott Dale

  163. Mary R.

    Excellent experience! Easy to order, quick shipping, quality product!

  164. Linda Condor

    Fast delivery, great taste and feeling better already! Will be buying again. Thanks!

  165. Jeremy Kane

    Product arrived without labels. Had to contact for dosing instructions. Rude customer service. Product works great. I would recommend based on quality and price, as long as you can make it past the poor customer service. I am hoping they learned some thing from this as well.

  166. Anonymous

  167. Joseph Ryan

    Great taste and even greater results. I love this oil. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Carol Rutkowski

    I have only been on this for 3 days and I believe I can feel some pain relief in my leg and back. I am going to continue taking it and see how things go.
    Thank you for the chance to relieve my burning nerve pain and lower back pain!!

  169. Kelli Kading

    Tastes much more like “weed” than the “big guys” but great product! Can’t wait for your kitchen to be up and running so you can formulate higher milligram dosage oils than 1000 mg and really hope you add help capsules to your product line! You guys will be great! Please keep me posted as to your growth! I’d really appreciate it… Keep the faith and spread the CBD word to everyone you can… I do, and will certainly tell them about PriceLine Hemp

  170. Andrew S.

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