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Priceland Hemp is the first legal store-front hemp dispensary to offer CBD Oil in Wisconsin. Whether you are trying to manage symptoms from cancer, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, or chronic aches & pain’s. Our formula’s combined with expert knowledge is a hemp source you can trust.

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CBD for Dogs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better for pain CBD or Hemp?

CBD wins.   CBD contains the cannabinoids which provide the medicinal benefits pain sufferers seek.  Hemp Oil on the other hand has wonderful nutritional benefits.

How do you know which CBD to use?

Check with your local dispensary, they can help you figure out which concentration of CBD is best.  

Is Hemp Oil the same as CBD oil?

No.  Hemp Oil is SEED OIL.  CBD is OIL made from the Tricome Rich FLOWER BUDS.  Read our article “Is CBD Oil the same as Hemp Oil?” to learn more

Does CBD oil require a prescription?

The only CBD product approved by the FDA is called Epidiolex and it requires a prescription.  All other CBD being sold, including Priceland are being marketed as supplements which do not require a prescription.

Can you buy CBD products over the counter?

Yes.  CBD now days is available just about anywhere.  Look to your local Hemp Dispensary for the most trusted products along with knowledgable staff members.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes provided it is derived from Hemp and does not contain more that .3% of THC. Some states have adopted their own local resistrictions so it’s best to check local laws.

Will Full-Spectrum CBD get me HIGH?

The .3% THC is the only thing psychoactive in full-spectrum CBD. That trace amount is enough to contribute to the much sought after entourage effect where you have a very pleasant therapeutic experience. In contrast a singe Marijuana joint can contain 5000% more THC than full-spectrum.

How Much $ Should Quality CBD Cost?

It’s best to measure pricing in CPM, or Cents Per Milligram. The price range for national brands is some where between .05¢ to .25¢. The big national brands tend to be on the higher end. We presume it’s because of the expensive overhead. Priceland has worked hard to keep prices on the lower side of the range. We can do this because our overhead is still low, in fact our prices are some of the most wallet-friendly in the nation. We don’t skimp on quality, all our products are made with only premium flower, no stems, seeds, or filler.

Can CBD Cause Me to Fail A Drug Test?

It’s rare but Full-Spectrum CBD which contains a trace amount of THC which could possibly cause you to fail a urine test.

Are Your Products made with Hemp or Marijuana?

All our are made with 100% USA Hemp.

Is Hemp Oil the same as CBD?

Is CBD oil the same as hemp oil?  Yes, technically they are the same in the sense that both are derived the same plant.  However there are some differences you should be aware.  Read this article is cbd oil the same as hemp oil to learn more about it.

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