Is CBD Oil the same as Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil

Does Hemp Oil have CBD?

Consumers who are new to CBD Oil encounter the term Hemp Oil within their first few searches on Google, Facebook, or market places like Amazon.

These search results can be confusing because in Google you’ll see mostly places to buy CBD Oil. But on Amazon you see mostly places to buy Hemp Oil? This leads to the question, is CBD the same as Hemp Oil?

Let us guide you through the differences in price, benefits, and terminology.

Is Hemp Oil and CBD Oil the same?

Technically yes because they are oils from the same plant, but CBD is made from the trichrome rich flowers, while Hemp Oil is made from Seeds.

CBD Oil uses mainly the Flowers from the Hemp plant.

It is made from the crystalline layer of sticky trichomes which coats the flowers. The coated flower buds have high concentrations of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are a group of compounds that include Cannabidiol better known as CBD.

When consumed, these compounds break down into endocannabinoids which influence dopamine, serotonin, and other ECS receptors associated with pain, inflammation, and feeling good. CBD Oil has a long list of therapeutic benefits which is why so many people like yourself are trying to learn more about it.

Due to the legal, health, and extraction methods, CBD is difficult to produce which is why it is expensive. Expect to pay approximately .04 cents – .10 cents per milligram of CBD. Typically a 1oz 1000mg bottle of full spectrum hemp cbd oil will cost between $45.00 to $80.00.

Hemp Oil on the other hand is made from Seeds

The term Hemp Oil generally means Hemp Seed Oil. The method of extraction is similar to how cooking oil, olive oil and coconut oil is obtained.

Consuming Hemp seeds is good for you because they are considered one of the best sources of plant-based proteins. Hemp Seeds have an abundance of essential amino and fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 too. So they are excellent for moisturizing and anti aging skin care. So is hemp oil good for you? Yes, but it offers no therapeutic benefits other than nutrition, cooking, or moisturizing.

It’s easy and inexpensive to make. Prices for Hemp Seed Oil is about $15 for a 24oz Jug or 62¢ an ounce. In contrast CBD Oil cost about $60 per oz.

So what’s really causing the confusion?

Merchants with real Hemp derived CBD oil products and who want to sell on Amazon are limited by restrictions. Amazon won’t allow these companies to mention or show the acronym “CBD” anywhere on their products labels or product descriptions.

Basically real CBD merchants are being forced work around these regulations by labeling their products as Hemp Oil.

The reason for the regulation is because genuine full-spectrum CBD products contain a smidgen of Delta 9 THC (.3% to be exact).  As most people know, any tiny amount of Delta 9 THC, no matter how small is still considered a Schedule 1 drug and is illegal at the federal level.

Since Amazon policies abide by Federal Laws the use of the popular acronym CBD is ineligible on it’s platform. In other words, it’s banned! There is however a loophole being used. 

So long as the merchant does not show CBD anywhere on their product, label or description then Amazon seems willing to look the other way.

Buyer Beware!

The restriction opens the door to confusion because Hemp Seed Oil merchants are also labeling their products as “Hemp Oil” . Remember that CBD companies are also labeling their products as Hemp Oil. Hence the confusion!

Unfortunately there are also a number of unprincipled Hemp Seed merchants who shamelessly leveraging this restriction to their benefit. They purposely design their labels to focus on Hemp Oil and then leave the “seeds” in the fine print. They are hoping buyers will be attracted to their flashy designs, lower prices and outrageous milligrams. 

Unfortunately it’s working. Many first time CBD buyers are being tricked into thinking they are getting real CBD. As a result they have a bad experience with their seed product and claim CBD didn’t help them.

How can you spot the Difference real CBD Hemp Oil and Hemp Oil made from Seeds?

Here is how you can guard against being bamboozled out of your hard earned money. 

First and foremost I recommend you avoid using online marketplaces like Amazon to purchase CBD. Instead, visit a local CBD dispensary to find quality CBD Oil products with trained personnel. 

But if you must use Amazon then here are some tips that can help you figure out which is which.

  • Price – the first thing to look for is pricing. A single 1oz 1000mg bottle of High Quality CBD will cost somewhere between $50 and $100. CBD is expensive to make and paying anything less than that means it’s most likely made from Seeds, not the richly coated resin of hemp flowers
  • Hemp Seed Oil is cheap to make and should cost about $15 or less for big 24oz bottle.
  • Multi-Bottle offer – If a merchant is offering a 2 packs or 3packs for cheap, then it is made from seeds. Seed oil is cold pressed and very cheap to make.
  • While Gold Standard hemp extract CBD has more complicated extraction methods and more costly regulation guidelines to follow. 
  • So keep this in mind when searching for CBD at online market places “if it’s cheap, then it’s deceit
  • Milligrams per bottle – If the product shows some crazy amount of milligrams like 10,000mg or more per bottle then it’s not CBD, it’s hemp seed oil. It’s crazy, to see some merchants offering nearly 1,000,000mg bottle. Do the math on a 1oz bottle, it don’t add up.
  • A legitimate CBD dispensary will offer products generally containing 500mg to 5000mg. 
  • Stay away from the other stuff
  • Omega Fatty Acid – If the product description or label shows any Omega 3 or Omega 6 then it is made from Seeds.
  • Website – Legitimate CBD companies have a website that shows all the products they make. Along with their phone number, address, and other contact information. No website, then cross them off the list.
  • Lab Reports – Genuine CBD products have DEA approved 3rd Party Lab reports showing the breakdown of cannabinoids. These reports will show how much CBD, CBG, CBL, CBN, THC is in the product. Without lab reports, cross them off your list.
  • Labeling – This may seem obvious, but if the packaging or labeling mentions the word “seed” then it is Hemp Seed Oil, not CBD Oil.
  • If the packaging says that the 10,000+ milligrams for a 1oz bottle, then it’s not CBD. 
  • If the label says Omega then it’s not CBD.
  • Extraction Method – If it says CO2 extraction then it might be CBD. I’d then verify that they have a website, and verify that they have Lab Reports. If it says cold press or any other type of press then it’s not cbd oil.

My final thoughts. 

I encourage you to look locally whenever possible because most hemp dispensaries will let you see, touch, smell, and taste products before you buy. Plus the knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions pertaining to your situation. 

If you don’t have a local dispensary then buy online. But make sure it’s from a well a established CBD company website.  Make sure they have 3rd party lab reports with good product reviews (not amazon reviews).

If you must buy from Amazon or other online market places then keep our little guide handy (shown below).  Hope this helps in your endocannabinoid journey ????