• What is CBD Oil?

    CBD Oil is Cannabidoil (aka CBD) which is the most notable compound from the Hemp Plant.  Blended with other minor compounds and a ultra light carrier oil.

  • Does CBD Oil get you high?

    Can CBD Oil get you high is one of our most asked questions.  Our answer is No, CBD Oil will not get you high.  Our Full-Spectrum contains the legal requirement of only .3% or less.

  • What does CBD Oil do?

    CBD Oil interacts with neurotransmitters associated with pain, inflammation, appetite, mood, memory and more.  It also plays a role in the production of dopamine and serotonin levels.  More is being learned every day.

  • What is CBD Oil used for?

    Customers report using CBD Oil primarily for health & quality of life benefits.  Among those things reported are Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Sleep, managing side effects of Cancer treatments, and Neuropathy

  • How to use CBD Oil

    How you use CBD Oil depends your personal preference.  Most people use sublingually by placing a dose under the tongue and hold for about 30 seconds before swallowing.  Some like to mix with food and drink.  Others like to take capsules.

  • Where can you buy CBD Oil

    Where can I buy cbd oil near me is a great question.  The explosion growth of the CBD industry makes the question where can I get CBD Oil somewhat intimidating and confusing.  We suggest you choose:

    • A brand that is local that has recommended formulas
    • A company with an an easy to use website
    • A brand like Priceland Hemp that has fair pricing
    • A company that grows & processes their products
    • Is fully transparent with COA on the website
    • Engaged owners who truly supports the health & well being of people.
  • Does hemp oil have cbd?

    Does hemp oil have CBD is a question we’ve been asked multiple times.  To address this in more detail we wrote an article about hemp seed oil versus cbd oil.

  • How does CBD oil make you feel?

    How does cbd oil make you feel varies for each person.  Our customers have reported less pain, being more calm, more ability to focus, and more.

  • How much CBD Oil should I take?

    How much CBD Oil you should take depends on a few factors like body weight and reason for wanting to use it.  We suggest starting out small with a small dose and work your way up until you get the desired effects.  Read our article on how much cbd oil i should take.  It includes a downloadable easy to use dosing guide.

  • How much cbd is in hemp oil?

    How much CBD Oil in your bottle is expressed as milligrams per milliliters. For example the Priceland 1000mg 30ml bottle contains 30 one millimeter servings (an eyedropper), then each serving contains 33.3mg of CBD Oil (1000 divided by 30).

  • Is Hemp Oil the same as CBD?

    Hemp Oil tends to be equated with oil extracted from hemp seeds.  While CBD refers to the oils extracted from resin coated buds of the hemp plant. Both seeds & buds are made from hemp so technically they are both Hemp Oil.  Some sellers take advantage of this which has cause much confusion.  Here’s a nice article we wrote that subject.

  • What is cbd oil good for?

    Anecdotal reports suggest that cbd oil is good for: Multiple sclerosis, Mental health, Immune system, Social anxiety, Acne treatment, Neuropathic pain, Chronic pain management, Cancer treatment, Epilepsy, Anti inflammatory, Help stimulate public speaking, Insomnia

  • Does CBD oil work?

    Our customers report that it helps them cope with and manage health related issues.  We suggest you try it for yourself to see if cbd oil is good option for you.

  • How much is cbd oil?

    The price of cbd is measured in cents per milligram.   Companies who outsource their growing & processing tend to be on the high end averaging about $.120 per milligram (1000mg x .120 = $120 bottle).  Companies like Priceland who keep everything in-house have better control of their costs which allow us to offer prices ranging from $.061 to .$.025 cents per milligram.

  • How much cbd oil should i give my dog?

    How much you give your dog really depends on your dogs weight.  We suggest starting with the smallest dose and work up to full dose.  Give with food twice a day.

    Weight / Dose

    • 25lbs or less = half an eyedropper (0.5ml)
    • 25lbs – 65lbs – one or two full eyedroppers (1-2ml)
    • 65lbs or more = two to four eyedroppers (2-4ml)

CBD Oil Legal

  • Is CBD legal in all 50 states?

    Is CBD legal in all 50 states is a common question.  The farm bill of 2018 legalized Hemp derived CBD Oil at the federal level so long as it complies with the .3% THC requirement.  However some states like Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota still consider it illegal.

  • Can I travel with CBD Oil?

    To answer can i travel with cbd oil, we defer to the transportation security administration (TSA).  According to TSA the answer is yes so long as the CBD is derived from Hemp and complies with the .3% THC requirement.

  • Does CBD Oil show up on a drug test?

    Does cbd oil show up on drug test?  The short answer is yes it is possible. The chances are slim but trace amounts of thc are still present in full-spectrum cbd oil.  These trace amounts over time build up in your system which can possibly cause you to fail a drug test.

  • Does CBD oil have THC

    Full-Spectrum CBD has a trace amount of THC.  Priceland full-spectrum CBD contains .3% by dry weight or less which is requirement by law.

  • Can you drive after using cbd oil?

    Yes.  CBD Oil does not have intoxicating properties so you will get high from it.  But use good judgement, if you feel impaired in anyway then don’t drive.

  • Can you fly with CBD Oil?

    Yes.  The Transportation security administration says hemp derived cbd oil containing .3% thc or less is okay.  Check your labels and lab reports

  • What's the difference between CBD Oil & THC Oil

    Both CBD & THC are molecules of the Cannabis plant.  The cannabis plants have multiple strains

    Some strains produce higher amount of CBD, while others produce higher amounts of THC.


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