Delta 8


We’ve talked a few times on the blog about why people are making the shift to Delta-8 Gummies or D8 in general. In another blog post I’ve explained why people are making the switch to delta-8 gummies. But on this post I wanted to do something different, something a little more personal.

I’m not going to go on and on about the delta-8 cannabinoid citing clinical trail studies or published studies, or other anecdotal accounts of why D8 is working for so many, instead I’m going to provide you with my own review from first hand experience of trying delta-8 thc for the first time.

I was cautiously optimistic that my first Delta-8 experience would be a good experience.

I’ll tell you:

  • how much delta-8 I took
  • when I took
  • how they tasted
  • how long it took to feel anything
  • how it made me feel
  • how long before the feeling went away.

So without further ado, lets dive in.


For those not familiar with hemp derived delta-8 THC, it’s a cannabinoid that is derived from the cannabis hemp plant. It causes a low-intensity “high” similar to marijuana but without the negative symptoms that some individuals experience.

So In my case, I have very little experience using delta-9 or delta-8 THC because I’m not a regular user of it. Which means my tolerance is very low. It’s nothing compared to my twin brother who has been chain smoking delta-9 dank weed since we were teenagers.

But I have been using full-spectrum CBD Oil with the legal .3% delta-9 THC, so I was cautiously optimistic that my first Delta-8 experience would be similar but maybe stronger.


I waited until the weekend because if need be I could just zone without worrying about going anywhere, doing anything, or make important decisions.

A little leery of Delta-8 THC I decided to read others suggestions when taking D8 for the first time. The major theme among the user comments was to start small so you wouldn’t have a bad experience by taking too much. Keeping that in mind I cut one delta-8 watermelon wedge into 3 pieces or about 8.25mg of Delta-8 thc.

My state of mind was in experiment mode, all in the name of science. I ate one-third of the delta-8 gummy and waited….. I was on high-alert for any changes I might feel, but after about 20 minutes ….. I got nothing.

So I took another one-third and in about twenty minutes, I could feel it…. Knowing what I know now, I would have started with half a delta-8 gummy and waited 30 minutes


It was delicious, I was impressed with the sweetness and the fruity flavor these delta-8 thc gummies. I thought it going to taste more like the earthy flavor of CBD Oil, but it didn’t. However there was a tiny bit of after taste of that earthy hemp flavor. Which is to be expected with genuine hemp derived products.

Each delta gummy is 25mg which is plenty for even experience delta-9 THC users. The 16.5mg I took was good for me but you should try what you feel comfortable with. Regardless of what dose you start with, you won’t be disappointed with the flavoring of these delta-8 gummies.

Truth is, it’s hard to just eat one little piece at a time. Just try not to eat too many 🙂


I’ve taken CBD gummies before so I know how long CBD takes to kick in. For me they tend to take about 30mins. The feeling with full-spectrum CBD edibles can be very subtle. You might not even notice it’s working until you notice the pain in your knee isn’t quite as sharp as it was before. That’s what my expectation was with D8.

It was like all the neurons in my brain lit-up simultaneously and started firing on all cylinders.

I know that the THC has to pass through your stomach, and liver before making it’s way into the blood stream. Based on my experience with cannabidiol, I knew it was going to take at least 20 minutes before kicking in.

I started with one small piece (8.25mg) and waited about 20mins. I was paying attention to how I felt and to be totally honest I didn’t feel anything. So I took another small piece and waited.

About 20 minutes I started feeling something, it was subtle at first, almost like the little buzz you get after having a couple beers.

Slowly this feeling began washing over me. It was like all the neurons in my brain lit-up simultaneously and started firing on all cylinders. I could feel the creative juices flowing as I wrote a new article that I was working on.

It was a feeling of calmness over me, yet I was focused, I felt alert, yet relaxed and calm. My knees were feeling pretty good. I didn’t feel out of control, I had full awareness of what I was doing. For me it was a very pleasant first timer experience. But from what I read, if you take too much you might not have a good experience.

I had no feelings of anxiety or paranoia, it was nothing like that. The feeling is welcoming, familiar, and if you like writing like I do then it triggers your creative ability. The amazing thing is my mind was cooking with gas, I was focused and my thoughts were firing one after another. It was a nice buzz, better than alcohol and without the bloat or hangover,


10pk of peach ring edibles

Gradually over time the feeling became more intense, and I was feeling pretty good. I could still do what I needed to around the house. I could have went for a nice walk about town, or watched a movie but I elected to continue writing.

As the minutes passed, slowly the intensity waned but I was still feeling really good and I’d say overall the total experience lasted about 4 1/2 hours. Honestly I wanted to take another piece to keep it rolling but for purposes of this experiment I refrained.

One thing I noted that was interesting which may be a possible side effect. It was that I was hungry, maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten all that morning or maybe it was the infamous thc munchies. Either way my food was super delicious.


I’d say for stoners like my brother who enjoy a TOKE at every opportunity, that 25mg to 75mg of delta-8 THC should provide experienced users with a new friendly experience. But for someone like me with a low tolerance to THC I’d say start slow and work your way up like I did.

I hope this review gives you a glimpse into what delta-8 is like, what the high feels like, how long it lasts, and everything in between.

Try one of our delta 8 THC gummies today and let us know what your experience was like.

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