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Delta 8

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Why is Delta-8 Becoming So Popular Now?

It’s an exciting time in the cannabis industry and delta-8 has been the game changer for many. Delta.8 is becoming popular because it’s alternative to both D9-THC and CBD.

D8 offers CBD users the same therapeutic benefits as CBD while also providing a stimulating low-level “high”. This mild high is also sought after from Marijuana users who like a little-buzz but also enjoy the body experience CBD gives you.

Delta-8 THC was legalized with the USDA farm bill of 2018.

Personally our view is that THC regardless of whether it’s Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, Hemp derived, or Marijuana derived, they should all be legal. Check out our article on the history of THC, you’ll be surprised of it’s racist origins.

After decades of political non-sense and prohibition, the government finally did something right with the 2018 farm bill hemp pilot program. It legalized Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC? On Jan 15th, 2021 the USDA doubled down on that, when they specified the concentration levels of ONLY delta 9 THC and delta 9 THC and did not include D8 into the mix.

Experts have been studying the Delta 8 evolving market for years. We been seeing tons of D8 edibles, D8 vape, Delta 8 oil, hemp infused flower, and even D8 chocolate. “Hemp derived isomers” like D8 and D10 are 100% legal and unregulated.

This is all good news. It’s particularly helpful for people like Dave M. He says that

Delta-8 THC carts have helped me with my alcohol cravings. Sadly I didn’t discover D8 until after my 5th OWI. I can now say that I’m alcohol free for 22 months. But my alcohol addiction still drives me crazy . Delta-8 has changed my perception and made life easier to deal with my addiction”.

Isn’t it ironic that alcohol has ruined so many lives but it’s still legal?

Not only can D8 and CBD help with weening alcohol addiction, it has helped desperate people trying to manage depression, anxiety, PTSD and so many chronic pains related to inflammatory responses.

Why is Delta-8 Different?

D8 Gummies are a sweet and flavor treat that is infused with 25mg of the delta-8 cannabinoid.

Delta-8 is another compound found in the Cannabis Hemp plant. Similar to the infamous Delta-9 thc associated with Marijuana but the atoms in the molecule are arranged differently.

The molecule structure of Delta-8 & Delta-9 are quite similar. The only difference is the location of the double bonds between carbons. On the delta-9 thc the double carbon in the chain is located between delta 9 and delta 10 (see highlighted area). On the delta 8 thc the double bond is located between delta 8 and delta 9.

How Does Delta-8 Compare to CBD and Marijuana?

D9-THC might to intense, CBD might be too mild, and Delta-8 seems to be the right balance of therapeutic benefit!

D8 produces many of the same health benefits as Full-Spectrum CBD, but because of its low affinity to the CB1 receptor, it also produces a mild yet clear headed high effect. You might consider Delta-8 to be the crossover between CBD and D9 THC. You benefit from the desired effects of both products without any negative feelings sometimes experienced when taking D9 THC alone.

The main thing Delta-8 has in common with CBD is a low affinity to that CB1 receptor.

At the molecular level, Cannabidiol also known as CBD is quite different than D8 or D9 THC. It’s not exactly clear how, but the CBD molecule has no affinity to either to the CBD 1 or CBD 2 receptors like its THC counterparts. Instead, the CBD cannabinoids tend to engage with “other” receptors. These other receptors interact with or somehow influence the CB1(brain) & CB2(body) receptors. Providing a mild yet positive feeling.

What is the Delta-8 Gummie’s experience like?

The small but important distinction at the molecular level causes BIG differences in the binding activity of the endocannabinoids system CB1 & CB2 receptors.

CB1 receptors are responsible for feelings of bliss & calm. The Marijuana D9-THC binds primarily to these CB1 receptors which are concentrated in the brain. When you smoke or ingest Delta-9 THC it can overwhelm the receptors causing poor reaction times, cognitive impairment, and in some cases anxiety and paranoia.

Hemp Derived Delta-8 on the other hand binds primarily to different receptors named the “CB2 receptor” CB2 has higher a concentrations in the immune system, gastrointestinal track, and peripheral nervous system.

It’s because of this affinity to CB2 receptor, that the effects of delta-8 tend to affect the body, not so much in the brain. Many consumers consider the effect of D8 to be a mild cerebral buzz with a uplifting effect on the body but without the undesirable side effects that some consumers sometimes encounter when using marihuana D9-THC.

These “low-level” highs without the intense side-effects are a desirable effect. This s why many CBD users are switching over to products that contain D8, they want the benefits of marijuana but without the side-effects.

Similarly, savvy cannabis users know that Delta-8 THC has comparable benefits to that of D9 THC in terms of helping with nausea, appetite, insomnia, and nerve pain. But with a mild, more tolerable high. Because of it’s more mild effects, many Delta-9 THC weed users are also turning to D8.

How Can Delta-8 Help?

People are fed up with the reciprocating cycle of opiate addiction, alcoholism, chronic depression, and all the effects someone can have for the rest of their lives.

When a person takes opiates for pain it stimulates the dopamine response and this makes the person “high”. Normally your body makes this naturally when you are responding to a certain stimuli, such as working out, sex, gambling, and such. It makes you feel good.

After long term use of drugs that synthetically push this dopamine, your brain forgets to how to make it naturally. Alcohol, prescription drugs, meth amphetamine, opiates, cocaine, and even certain anti-antidepressants can exhaust your brain.

When you stop using them it can create huge side effects like hallucinations, delusions, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and even homicidal.

This condition can wreck havoc on any family suffering through it and can be very life threatening if you don’t seek the proper care. SAMHSA’s hotline is 1-800-662-4357. is available 24 hours a day for help.

Are Delta 8 THC Gummies Safe?

Hemp derived Delta 8 THC is a variation of the Delta-9 THC which most widely known as marijuana. Like D9 it binds to the ECS receptors. However, it has an affinity to bind to the CB2 receptors which are located throughout the immune system and gastrolienal systems.

It’s because of this affinity to CB2 that Delta 8 THC is a appealing. It can be a very powerful analgesic that has an uplifting feeling of relaxation, body sensation with a very clear headed experience. Though studies are limited, anecdotally users are reporting that delta 8 THC appears to be a very safe alternative.

But take it in moderation. If you’ve never had THC before then start out with small doses until you gain more experience with it and learn how your body reacts.

Delta 8 Gummies cannot cure or prevent any diseases but can help you manage and cope with symptoms associated with diseases. We suggest you consult with your physician before incorporating D8 or CBD into your wellness routine.

A word of caution. Start with small doses because everybody responds differently. I’d suggest calling you local dispensary and ask lots of questions. They should be able to help you.

Where Can You Buy Delta-8 Gummies?

Priceland Hemp has D8 Gummies in-store or online.