Difference between CBD vs CBN

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular compound found in cannabis and marijuana plants and it is rising in popularity around the world. The CBD craze is everywhere; you can even find it in products in gas stations, convenience stores, or at the mall. Its explosive growth is because it is a non-psychoactive compound that is being praised for being a very medicinal part of the cannabis plant. People use it for pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-seizure properties, and even skincare when extracted.

CBD is just one of the hundreds of compounds in a cannabis or hemp plant. As cannabis research continues to expand and uncover new findings, new compounds have been discovered that are also credited for their powerful medicinal properties, such as Cannabinol (CBN)

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What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is a non-intoxicating compound derived from a cannabis or hemp plant. It’s trichrome rich oil can be extract to make cannabis products like candies, gummies, lotions, creams, skincare, tinctures, vape pen. The flowers can also be smoked or place in baked goods.

Because CBD is not psychoactive, users don’t get that “high feeling” associate with the effects of THC. It gives a relaxing experience when used and has proven to be very beneficial for many ailments, including epilepsy, mental health, insomnia, skin conditions, and more. CBD is even used in an FDA-approved medication that is used for severe forms of epilepsy.

CBD is the most popular compound in the Hemp plant. Research has proven that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is used as an alternative to pain pills or medications such as ibuprofen. Since it is derived from a plant, it is applauded as a safe and natural solution. It is non-addictive and can even be used for pets and children.

The CBD craze has become so popular that new brands are popping up online every day, and you can easily acquire them at many local shops. It is smart however, to always research the products before purchasing because not all CBD is created equal.

What is CBN?

CBN stands for Cannabinol. It comes from the oxidation and decomposition of THC from a hemp plant. When THC is heated up and extracted with CO2, it then turns into CBN. CBN has slight intoxicating effects, but nothing compared to the levels of THC.

Since you convert CBD into CBN, you would think these two cannabinoids were the same, but CBN is more related to THC. It does not activate the intoxicating endocannabinoid system CB1 receptors, though it has similar therapeutic health benefits.

CBN is good for appetite stimulant and nausea, making it very useful for cancer patients and those suffering from appetite-related issues. CBN is also excellent as a sleep aid for insomnia related problems, and more research is still being conducted in that realm. CBD is common for sleep issues as well, but CBN is an potent natural analgesic.

Some other research has shown that CBN slows the development of ALS. It also has eliminated antibiotic-resistant bacteria’s such as MRSA. More research is being done to learn about its antibacterial properties, which could be huge for the future effects of CBN

Other Similar Compounds

There are some other similar but notable compounds that research is being conducted on as well. These include CBG, CBC, CBGA, CBDA, Delta-8 and even THCA. There are over 100 compounds known in hemp and cannabis plants, and more knowledge is being gained every day about their uses.

Experienced formulators understand the value of these compounds. Industry leaders are creating proprietary blends of major cannabinoids like CBD and blending in various amounts of minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG & D8 resulting in a more therapeutic experience for users.

The power of multiple cannabis compounds together

As more research is conducted on the various cannabinoid compounds, scientists have discovered how each compound can have specific benefits. However, something to consider is when used together, all these compounds can have powerful synergistic effects. Some companies call this the entourage effect, which is where specific strains with various compounds work together for a particular curated experience.

Overall, when choosing to use any cannabis compound, it is always wise to research the products and companies that you prefer. Not all products are created equal, so it is wise to investigate where it’s made and each ingredient’s amounts.

Cannabis compounds promise a bright future as more research is being developed. Over the next ten years, we will know so much more about this wonderful and organic plant and all that we can benefit from. 

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