Is CBD the New Sex Oil?

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Can CBD Oil Help Your Love Life?

Hemp extracts are the new universal product. CBD and its beneficial compounds are popping up everywhere, from infused gummies to improve sleep quality to vape cartridges to reduce social anxiety. It’s also available in a topical form. Many use the naturally occurring compound as a moisturizer, massage oil, and muscle balm after a challenging workout. But did you also know it’s heating things up in the bedroom? Yes, CBD is the new sex oil. Keep reading to learn more about how the plant packed with over 500 all-natural compounds is making rounds in the private lives of singles and couples worldwide.

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What is CBD Lube?

Sex is fun and messy, but sometimes you need a little help getting to that point. Lube is a way to improve the mood and reduce friction to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. CBD sex oil is an all-natural lubricant blended with a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate.

Although some people want you to believe it’s relatively new, history tells a different story. As you may know, the ancient Greeks were very sexual and open. As Men’s Health explains, the Mediterranean’s used olive oil for everything.

How Can CBD Improve Sex Oil?

The number one question surrounding “Is CBD the new sex oil?” involves “how.” To understand how CBD and sex mix, you have to talk about insecurities. Even the most sexual men and women get performance anxiety. The mood is quickly lost when your mind travels to perceived flaws. Even with a lifelong partner, these anxieties can still arise.

Instead of getting lost in the moment, your mind goes to the extra weight you gained, a scar you find unappealing, or whether size really doesn’t matter. Additionally, unrelated stressors can ruin the mood. Worrying about children sleeping a few rooms down or unfinished work tasks can put your mind far away from your lover.

Research and consumers indicate the hemp extract can reduce anxiety and lower stress levels. Using CBD sex oil may eliminate these barriers, allowing you to enjoy every minute of passion. When looking for the best CBD lube, consider brands that add more to the mix. For example, some brands use other natural ingredients to enhance the experience, such as a sweet and spicy blend of cardamon and cinnamon, potentially having aphrodisiac effects. (Which is another area Ancient Greeks perfected.)

Sandra, 33

CBD sex oil is excellent to use with a partner. But who said you can’t use it solo? Sandra keeps her tantalizing hemp-infused lube bedside along with her favorite vibrator and other latex-based sex toys. Here’s her story:

“I work 50 hours a week as a corporate executive. It was a long, hard road climbing the corporate ladder. After I leave the office, I work out at the gym to stay in shape and at the top of my game. I don’t have time for my friends, let alone a relationship. But that doesn’t mean my sex drive is dead.

Why do people think a woman needs a man to satisfy her desires? At the end of a 12-hour day, I come home, eat takeout, check my messages, and take a long, hot shower. I love to slip into my favorite silk robe and slide under my satin sheets before bed. My mind’s still racing, thinking of everything I need to do the next day.

There’s only one thing that works to shut down my brain and get to sleep—a mind-blowing orgasm. You don’t need a man or woman to hit the correct peak. In my top nightstand drawer, you’ll find two essential items—CBD-infused lube and my rabbit. The purple latex toy hits the G spot every time. But I’d never get there without the hemp sex oil to help turn off my brain and turn on my body’s orgasmic response. I’ve been using CBD lube for a year now and couldn’t be happier with myself.”

Brian, 52 & Gina, 49

CBD is the new sex oil for Brian and Gina, a committed couple. Keep reading to learn how the all-natural hemp extract has improved their lovemaking, even after 30 years of marriage and three children.

“Everyone thinks married sex is methodical and boring. Gina and I have never had problems in bed (on the beach, in the car, or in our hot tub.) But where many people say if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, we’ve never found that to be an accurate statement. What’s kept our love life active and happy for over 30 years is the adventure.

After three decades, we’ve collected our fair share of adult toys. Our children are grown and out of the house, and we enjoy a great sex life that keeps getting better. Honesty, I didn’t think it could improve anymore. But once again, my love found a way to surprise and excite me. A few months ago, Gina ordered a CBD-infused sex oil. I can feel the heat and warmth of the oil as she slathers it on me. A calming wave shoots through my body, and the next hour feels like it’s never going to end. Gina feels the same. But, she also adds that the extra lubrication heats her from the inside out. Even though we both experience it differently, the all-natural extract has brought us so much closer this year.”

Kristen, 28 & Lori, 31

You don’t have to be in a long-term relationship to enjoy the advantages of CBD lube. Kristen, 28, met Lori at a friend’s party. Lori, 31, introduced Kristen to the relaxing properties of hemp-based lubricants. Here’s more of their brief but sexy story.

“I never thought I was on the fence with my sexuality until I met Kristen a few weeks ago. We laughed, joked, had a few glasses of wine, and when she placed her hand on my shoulder, I just knew it was right. It was like an electric shock sent through me.

Our first night together was magical. Maybe it was the combination of something new with too much wine, but it was perfect. Even the following day, when we ate breakfast in bed and made love one last time before I had to leave, there was no denying this was meant to be.

However, a few days later, my anxiety kicked in and almost ruined the best thing to happen in my life. I had boyfriends throughout my teenage and college years. Sure, I never had a relationship longer than a few months, but that didn’t mean I was gay. Even though I’m the older woman in our connection, Kristen didn’t let go. She did everything right to relax me and assure me our love was real.

Instead of bringing wine to our next date, Kristen brought CBD sex oil. I joked that she should have come with both to really calm me. But, the truth is, it wasn’t alcohol I needed. With the mood set just right, soft music, candles, and a little whip cream, I truly experienced the hemp lube. I felt the heat enter me and travel throughout my body, making me feel warm all over. It wasn’t long before I left my anxieties and discomfort on the floor next to my clothes.”

Jeff, 42 & Chris, 34

Jeff and Chris have been in a relationship for a few months. They’ve recently moved to the next level and moved in together. Jeff is much more outgoing and less reserved than Chris, which can cause friction. Learn how adding CBD sex oil brought their relationship to a whole new plane of existence.

“I met Chris by accident. I was looking for a new apartment after getting out of a bad relationship. The last thing I wanted was a new partner. Chris was the realtor helping me navigate my options. I’m very picky, so he had his work cut out, or so I thought.

It turned out he has an amazing talent for connecting clients with the perfect properties. I was so happy with the apartment, I gave him a great big bear hug. It turns out that wasn’t his phone in his pocket, and the passion continued from there. However, where I had been out and open about my sexuality for over 20 years, Chris was just finding himself. I was ready and willing to help him every step of the way.

Everything went great for several months. He spent several nights a month at my new apartment, but we still had separate lives. Soon, we were both ready to move to the next level. I loved him. He loved me. Living together seemed like the next natural step. What neither of us expected was the stress to dampen our sexual passion.

Before we started seeing each other, Chris got regular CBD massages. I think he felt uncomfortable getting them after we hooked up, so he stopped. I decided to do some research and found a fantastic hemp brand that carries CBD massage oil. Looking into a little more, I found the same company sold CBD lubricant. Hello! I placed an order for express shipment and went about setting up the perfect romantic evening.

Complete with hemp-infused candles and some delicious clams as an aphrodisiac, the mood was set. After giving Chris a full rubdown with the massage oil, I dribbled some CBD lubricant on him, and the rest is history. Chris let go of the stress between the intoxicating aromatherapy of the candles, extract, lube, and the relaxing properties. Soon, we found our way back to one another again. Now we each have a CBD massage once a week and always have a bottle of our favorite lube in the side table drawer.”

Tina, 60 & Stephen, 63

Both Tina and Stephen are recently divorced and a new couple. While they’re happy with each other, Tina was married to her husband for 30 years and has four grown children, and Stephen found himself divorced for the third time in 20 years. Although he doesn’t have kids of his own, he has step-children from two of his three other marriages, complicating his newfound love with Tina. Keep reading to find out how CBD sex oil brought these two lovers closer.

“When you’ve been with one person your whole life, moving on with someone else is scary. I’d watched my own mother and many friends go through it. Even after Stephen and I were together more than a dozen times, I felt so self-conscious. Stephen is wonderful. He took everything slowly with me.

Our kids are all grown, so that doesn’t cause any problems in our love lives. However, age causes issues down there. I didn’t have to worry about that with my husband. That part of our marriage dried up long before my vagina. But between the stress and natural aging, I struggled to find the passion we had at the very beginning of our relationship. Intercourse was painful and causing our lovemaking to fizzle instead of sizzle. One night, Stephen brought home CBD-infused lubricant. I use the hemp for my sore fingers and to quiet my brain at night, so we gave it a go. All I can say is, wow!”

How to Buy a Safe CBD Lubricant

Just like all hemp extracts aren’t created equally, neither are CBD-infused lubes. You want to choose a brand that uses only natural ingredients and premium hemp. Only buy CBD sex oil from sellers that provide proof of third-party testing. While hemp is an all-natural plant, there are plenty of areas where safety can go wrong. Choose hemp grown in the U.S. The potent botanical has strong roots, is super-absorbent, and will suck up anything from the soil, including nutrients and contaminants.

Remember, the compounds absorb into your skin, and you don’t wish for unknown chemicals to seep into your private parts. Additionally, with oral play, you need to be careful about what you put in your mouth. Pick a CBD sex oil you trust, inside and out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already using a hemp extract to improve wellness or 100% new to the plant-based ingredient. Now’s the time to bring the popular, all-natural compound into the bedroom (or laundry room or kitchen) to spice up your sex life naturally. You might not have a steady man or woman in your life, but you should have one CBD sex oil that’ll always help you get off.