5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your New Years Resolution

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

5 tips for new years resolutions including using cbd oil

Do you have a New Year’s goal set for 2021?  If you’re serious about making positive changes in your life, then let’s take a look at a few ways that can help you keep your commitments.

Be specific about what you want to accomplish. First things first.  Saying you want to lose weight, or make more money, or be a better person is not measurable.   Remember if you can’t measure it then you won’t achieve it.  Instead set your goals with specificity in mine, like “I’m going to do 50 pushups 3x a week, and work my way up to 75 pushups”.  I’m going to increase my income by 20k by starting a part-time business.  Or I’m going to volunteer 2x a month at a local charity.  You get the idea, be specific.  

Take it up a notch and share your goals with someone so they can hold you accountable.  You might not like what they have to say or their comments if you fall off your goal wagon, but you’ll appreciate it when you feel the pride of finishing what you started.

Start small and embrace the suck.  One year I set my goal to run a marathon. At first, I started walking around the block, then little by little I intermittently began jogging just a little bit.  I kept doing that until I could jog all the way around the block without stopping.  It took many months, including getting up early on my day’s off to run in 20 below weather.  I can tell you from experience that it sucked.  But when I crossed the finish line at the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN I never felt so accomplished, and sore.  So start by taking little steps towards your goals. Then work your way up little by little.  It will be hard at times but embrace the suck and you’ll do just fine.

Use CBD as an alternative.  Hemp derived CBD can be a great assistant in your quest to achieve your goals.  Instead of slamming energy drinks or caffeine,  try a good blend iike Lemon-Aid CBD Oil.  It can help you stay focused and determined naturally.  Also avoid sleeping pills or pain pills.  Instead choose a full spectrum indica hybrid like our 3000mg Natural.  It will help you unwind, reduce inflammation, and feel fresher the next day.

Setting goals is easy, achieving them requires determination, and commitment.  So dream big, but take small measurable realistic steps towards your dream. You’ll be a winner in 2021 because we believe in you, and we are rooting for you.