Charlotte’s Web

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Recently the world lost a treasured teenage girl . Her name was Charlotte Figi . She was the inspiration for a strain of cannabis called Charlotte’s Web. She had a rare condition called dravet syndrome that cause 300 grand mal seizures a day leaving her in a near catatonic state.

Charlotte’s parents tried all forms of traditional treatments to relieve their daughters seizures. But either they didn’t work or the drugs side effects caused more harm than good. When she was 5, her parents turned to medical marijuana as a last resort.

They wanted to avoid any psycho active effects because they didn’t want their little girl to get high. So they sought out strains of the cannabis plant with high levels of CBD and low levels of thc.

Their search for such a plant led them to the Stanley Brothers in Colorado. The Stanley’s are a well educated family who saw the positive effects of cannabis first hand. Their uncle who had pancreatic cancer used marijuana to helped alleviate the ill effects of chemo treatments.

In a serendipitous fashion the Stanley brothers just happened to be experimenting with a strain of cannabis that was low in thc, and high with CBD. To the Figi family this was miracle. They found a company who could supply the CBD that would help manage Charlotte’s seizures.

The CBD helped Charlotte improve her quality of life, where she was able to play, she as able to speak, and began enjoying life as most other children do. The Stanley Brothers even named their strain of hemp Charlottes Web in honor of that beautiful little girl.

Dr Sanja Gupta featured Charlotte in a CNN documentary which led to an increased interest from other families who were having similar issues. It also ignited a movement that nudged the cannabis community towards legalization and offered hope to the thousand of others seeking help.

We in the cannabis community, owes a debt of gratitude to the Figi Family and the generous Stanley Brothers for without their plight we might not have been able to open our doors to help so many people in our community.

Our condolences to the Figi family, may Charlotte rest in peace