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420 Day

Since you’re reading this I presume you are one of the many million’s who have an interest in Cannabis. Whether you are a medical user, a casual user, a grower, a dispensary owner, or just curious about marijuana or hemp. We are glad that you are here.

Our role at Priceland as the first legal hemp dispensary store-front in Wisconsin has been to be an advocate of cannabis. We strongly believe that the cannabis plant has had horrible injustices imposed on it by a superannuated 1930’s government.

These archaic anti-cannabis laws were borne out of fear mongering, big business manipulation, and xenophobic government policy’s. Bigoted policy makers of that primitive era placed Marijuana as Public Enemy Number One in their war on drugs. They did so with zero scientific evidence from the medical community.

This vague 1970’s idiosyncratic covert teenage term, used initially to fool parents, police, and teachers is now an international celebration. Unifying millions of Cannabis enthusiasts across the planet.

We believe that it is just a matter of time before these prohibition laws on cannabis are repealed at the federal level, and that 420 is the grass roots movement filled with change agents that will help tip the scale of public and government opinion.

Just around the corner is a very special day that is near and dear to all cannabis supporters. April 20th is affectionately known as 420 day. Some call it “Weed Day”, some call it “The Stoner Holiday”, and others call it “Marley Day” as a nod to Bob Marley, the iconic Jamaican singer / Marijuana advocate.

Whichever term you call it, one thing is for sure. This vague 1970’s idiosyncratic covert teenage term, used initially to fool parents, police and teachers, is now an international celebration. Unifying millions of Cannabis enthusiasts across the planet.

We wish a fun & safe 420 Day. With that being said, we put together some resources to increase your awareness of 420 day.

The 420 Waldo’s (The Beginning of 420)

How 420 got it’s start is well documented. It was just a group of teenage friends using the numbers 420 as a code to hide their teenage cannabis endeavors. Check out the Waldo’s official website to meet these unassuming pioneers and read their real accounts of the origin of 420.

Harry Anslinger

Anslinger was the first to lead the Federal Narcotics Bureau (currently the DEA). He pushed to demonize cannabis and force it into prohibition. Click here if you’d like to learn more about how this wonderful plant rose to be public enemy number one under false pretenses. Also here is a timeline.com article by Laura Smith on Harry Anslinger.

Timeline of Cannabis Law’s in the United States

Wikipedia (who doesn’t love this service) put together a thorough timeline of when Cannabis first started to become banned in the U.S. and when it started becoming legal again. Click here to view on Wikipedia.

The MORE Act

Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act is the latest attempt to legalize at the federal level. The momentum is increasing every year. We think’s it’s just a matter of time but maybe not this year. But who really knows, maybe this will be the year that the Government gets it done. Read more about it on this Forbes article. Here’s an article on the subject by Kyle Jaeger of marijuanamoment.net.

We aren’t holding our breath for good old Joe to push anything through considering his actions of firing staff members who admitted to using marijuana. You can read that Politico article here.

Wisconsin Marijuana Legalization

Governor Evers made an attempt to introduce legalization via state budgeting instead of following the legislation process. Of course this didn’t sit well with policy makers. We don’t expect passage of any legalization efforts anytime soon. Which is a shame because all our neighboring states have already taken strong measures to legalize. Wisconsinite cannabis users will be spending their money out of state. Here is another article by Kyle Jaeger of marijuanamoment.net on Wisconsin’s Efforts to Legalize.

Contact your Wisconsin State Legislature

Want to get involved? Write or call your Wisconsin State Senators. Here is a link from Wisconsin.gov providing Names, Pictures, Phone Numbers, and Emails of your State Senators. Let them know that you support the 420 movement to legalized cannabis. In case you’re unsure about what district you live in, here is a district map that breaks it all down for you.

Looking for a 420 Event to Celebrate?

Wheresweed.com has curated a long list of cannabis celebratory events across the nation. Below is excerpt just for the April 20th 2022 but there so so many more, click here to see their full list of events.

wheresweed.com April 20th 2022 Event List