CBD Oil for Cats

CBD for Cats

Is CBD the new Feline Companion Tincture?

CBD for cats is a popular topic right now, and there are many questions that pet owners want answered. CBD is becoming an incredible natural remedy for both people and animals. You might be surprised to learn that your cat can benefit from taking CBD just like you can. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of not only what CBD is but how it can benefit your feline companion that you love so much.

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We put together a list of frequently asked questions about CBD oil for cats

What is CBD oil?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is one of many compounds naturally found in hemp plants. These hemp plants are rich in CBD and are what CBD oil is extracted from. CBD is essentially made up of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

What makes CBD so special is that it has a long list of health benefits. It has been proven to help people with their anxiety, inflammation, pain, seizures, sleep disorders, and various other ailments. Many of the same things that benefit humans also have benefits for your feline companion.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal because it’s derived from hemp and not marijuana. There is no Federal law that prohibits the production of hemp-derived CBD products. This means that if you live in a state where hemp is legal, then you can purchase and use hemp-based CBD products.

Does CBD have side effects?

There are no known major side effects of taking CBD. Your cat is just as likely to benefit from CBD as you are. Your cat’s body can metabolize CBD in the same way as your body, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your cat will have any side effects.

Can my cat take CBD?

Cats can absolutely benefit from taking CBD. Many pet owners are now giving their cats CBD daily. It can help your cat with any number of things.

For example, CBD can help with inflammation, pain, seizures, anxiety, and more. There are many different ways that CBD can benefit your cat.

Will my cat get high off of CBD?

Our pet oil is formulated with no THC the psychoactive component associated with the “high ” felling. So the answer is no, our CBD oil will not get your cat high. No evidence shows that CBD can affect your cat in the way that other cannabinoids will affect them.

That being said, it’s best to speak with a veterinarian before you give CBD to your cat. You don’t have to worry about your cat getting stoned, but you still want to run it by your vet to ensure that it’s safe for them to use.

Can cats going through chemotherapy benefit from CBD?

Cats aren’t known for their ability to handle chemotherapy well. This means that a cat going through chemotherapy might benefit from taking a CBD supplement. CBD helps with nausea in humans, and it can help with nausea in cats as well.

What is the best way to administer CBD to my cat?

There are a lot of different ways that you can administer CBD oil to your cat. You can give it through a dropper, you can spray it on top of their food or put CBD capsules in their food. These are all great options for administering CBD to your cat.

How much CBD should I give my cat?

You want to start with just a little bit and slowly increase the amount. This will give your cat time to get used to the new product, and then you can slowly increase the amount of CBD you’re giving. If you notice your cat behaving differently, you can quickly decrease the amount of CBD that you’re giving.

Will my cat get addicted to CBD?

There is no evidence that shows that cats get addicted to CBD. It’s not like giving your cat a marijuana product that could cause them to get addicted to it. CBD is derived from hemp and not marijuana, so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting addicted.

Will giving my cat CBD help ease their arthritis pain?

You might be surprised to hear that CBD can actually relieve pain. A few studies have been conducted, and each of them has found that CBD can potentially help with inflammation-related pain. This means that it could help with your cat’s arthritis pain.

Can CBD help my cat with seizures?

CBD is excellent for helping cats who suffer from seizures. There is a good amount of evidence that shows that CBD can be helpful for cats with epilepsy. Unfortunately, these studies are not very large, and there is no way for us to confirm whether or not it can help with seizures. That being said, it’s worth a try so you can see if CBD can help with your cat’s seizures.

Can CBD help with my cat’s anxiety?

CBD is extremely good at helping with anxiety. CBD can act as an anti-anxiety treatment for humans. That means that it can also be helpful for your cat. There is a ton of research showing that it can help with anxiety.

Will CBD be harmful to my cat if I give it to them?

CBD won’t be harmful if you give it to your cat. Like we mentioned earlier, there are no known side effects of giving your cat CBD. It’s not like marijuana, where you could potentially cause some adverse side effects. Your cat is just as likely to benefit from CBD as you are.

Can I give my cat CBD in their food?

You can give your cat CBD through their food. They’ll be able to eat it just like you would eat it in capsule form. This is a great way to give CBD to your cat without having to worry about droppers, sprays, or giving it to them orally.

Does CBD taste bad?

CBD doesn’t taste bad, but it’s not the best-tasting thing in the world either. It tastes a little bit earthy or leafy, if you will.

It can be slightly bitter, but it’s nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s a small price to pay for what you’re getting in return. Your cat won’t notice a bad taste, and you don’t have to worry about them not eating the food you put it on.

How will CBD affect my cat’s energy levels?

CBD can really have a positive impact on your cat’s energy levels. If they’re suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures, you’ll see a significant difference in the way that they act. They may be a little tired, but they’ll still be able to get around and live a full life.

Can CBD help my cat with their digestion?

CBD can have a positive impact on your cat’s digestion. It won’t fix their digestion issues, but CBD can be an effective way to help your cat with digestive problems.

Of course, we recommend taking a look at the root of the problem and trying to solve it there. However, CBD can be an excellent supplement to add to their diet if needed.

Is it possible for a cat to overdose on CBD?

In short, no. Cats cannot overdose on CBD and neither can humans for that matter. If you give your cat too much, they will not die.

The worst thing that could happen is that they’ll be a little tired, but it’s nothing that they can’t bounce back from. You don’t have to worry about giving your cat too much CBD ever.

Should you give your cat CBD oil for humans?

No, you should never give your cat CBD oil for humans. It’s not made for cats, and it’s not designed to help their body. Always make sure that if you do end up getting something for them, it’s specifically meant for cats.

Can CBD make an aggressive cat less aggressive?

CBD has been known to make an aggressive cat less aggressive. It doesn’t do it as fast as some other options, but it’s well worth the wait. If you want your cat to be calmer and more relaxed, CBD can be a good option for that. There are other solutions to aggressive cats that you may want to look into, but CBD is a good solution.

Can excessive meowing be stopped with CBD oil?

Generally, yes, cats with meowing issues have been helped by CBD. It’s usually a product of anxiety in the cat, helping calm the cat down some. Many people report their cats to go from being constantly meowing to being calmer in just a couple of days.

I’d recommend taking it slow and giving them a few days or even a week of CBD before deciding that they have calmed down. If you do find their meowing is still excessive, then an anti-anxiety remedy may be more beneficial.

How much CBD should you give a cat with anxiety?

It depends on the severity of their anxiety. The most common dose for cats is 2-3 drops of CBD, twice per day. Cats seem to react well to doses at this level. If the anxiety is still excessive, then your veterinarian may recommend increasing the dose gradually.

Should you give your cat with cancer CBD oil?

Cats with cancer may benefit from treatments such as radiation or surgery. These treatments can cause side effects such as reduced appetite and nausea, which will increase your cat’s chance of losing weight. The right dose of CBD oil will help reduce these symptoms.

Is it safe to give a cat CBD every day?

Yes, it’s safe to give your cat CBD every day. No evidence shows that CBD can be toxic to a cat or cause it any harm. However, it’s still a good idea to talk with your veterinarian before you start giving it to your cat.

What should you do if your cat seems sleepy after you increased their CBD dose?

If you notice your cat seeming sleepy or lethargic after you increase their dose, then you should check with your veterinarian. Most likely, they will recommend cutting their dose in half. If the problem persists, you will want to talk to them about putting it on a schedule.

Does CBD oil work on all breeds of cats?

It doesn’t matter the breed of cat you’re giving CBD oil to. If it’s a broad spectrum hemp oil, then you can give it to any cat. CBD is great for helping with a wide variety of issues in cats of all breeds.

Is it dangerous to give a kitten CBD oil?

No, but you want to be very careful about the dose that you give them. A kitten has a different metabolism than an adult cat. In this case, they may not need as much CBD.

You should always check with your veterinarian and talk about the proper dosage for your kitten. They will know exactly what to do in this case to give you the best advice.

Does using CBD help cats stop urinating in the house?

While there aren’t any studies that have been done on this specific issue, CBD has been shown to help with a variety of other urinary issues. It could be worth giving it a try if your cat is urinating indoors. You can always talk to your veterinarian and see where a dose of CBD fits in with the other possible solutions.

Are there any concerns about giving CBD to cats with heart issues?

No, there shouldn’t be any concerns. CBD isn’t a stimulant like caffeine, so it’s not going to affect your cat’s heart as much as caffeine would. It could have a slight impact on their heart, but it’s not enough to be concerning.

What happens if you run out of CBD oil and can’t give some to your cat right away?

Your cat won’t experience withdrawal symptoms because CBD oil isn’t addictive. When you run out of the product, they will experience a temporary change in mood, but it’s not anything that you’ll need to worry about.

Should I give CBD oil to my cat if they have kidney disease?

You should be giving your cat CBD oil as it may help with kidney issues. There is no evidence that shows that CBD oil could cause kidney dam

How long does it take a cat to feel the effects of CBD?

The effects are very fast. Most people notice a difference in about 5 minutes or less. It could take up to a week or longer for you to see the full benefits of CBD on your cat. The key is to give them the proper dosage to see if it helps with their conditions.

Can CBD oil be applied to your cat’s skin?

No, it’s not a good idea to apply CBD oil to your cat’s skin. Remember, they’re covered in fur, and not much of the oil, if any, will be absorbed into their skin. Always use the product for what it’s intended for.

Does CBD oil benefit cats with glaucoma?

Yes, CBD oil benefits cats with glaucoma. It’s been shown to reduce the amount of pressure in the eyes and potentially help reduce surgery chances. It’s still not a magical cure that will work instantly, but it’s worth trying out.

Can my cat be allergic to CBD?

It’s possible that your cat could have an allergy to CBD. Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure because there haven’t been any studies on this specific topic. It’s doubtful that your cat will have any allergic reactions to CBD. But, you never know; that’s why you want to pay close attention after giving them their first few doses.

Is it safe to give CBD oil to pregnant cats?

No, it’s not a good idea, and you should never give your cat anything that hasn’t been thoroughly researched. It could become a dangerous situation for both mother and baby. If you have a cat pregnant, then it’s best to avoid CBD products while she is expecting.

Can you give CBD oil to cats with diabetes?

Yes, you can give CBD to cats with diabetes, but you want to be careful about the dosage. Diabetes may cause some issues with your cat’s weight and energy levels. Since CBD helps with weight issues and increases their energy levels, it could be beneficial to them.

CBD is the medical breakthrough cats have been waiting for

CBD is not a miracle cure but it helps with so many different ailments. It’s well-documented to help with some of the most challenging medical conditions that cats can face. It can help with chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, and even cancer. The fact that CBD is made from hemp is a bonus because it’s an all-natural product.

As always, talk to your vet to ensure that CBD oil is the best option for your feline companion. CBD is not a miracle cure or panacea for all medical issues, but there are some benefits that it has that cannot be beaten.

If you’re worried about the legality of CBD, remember they don’t regulate hemp products. Hemp itself is legal all across the country. CBD is legal in all 50 states, and it’s the future of medicinal treatments for pets.