The Government Revelation

You walk into your local CBD shop and on the counter you see “Organic Hemp Flower” or “Hemp Budz”. It looks much like the cannabis (marijuana) buds you’ve been told that can get you “high”.

But the person behind the counter assures you that this hemp flower is legal, that it will-not get you high, and that it will actually help you feel better.

Of course you’re skeptical because for as long as you can remember the government has been telling us about the ‘devils weed’. That smoking it will make you become a deranged heroin addict, mass murderer, and whole lot of other nonsense.

Once the government fully realized the difference it legalized the Indica strains of cannabis (hemp). This allowed farmers to grow, sell, and process hemp.

Take a look at the 1930’s anti-marijuana propaganda film, and you’ll begin to understand why cannabis scared the crap out of our parents & grandparents.

It wasn’t based on fact, it was based on fear.

The Government these day’s doesn’t rely on propaganda films anymore, instead they are looking at cannabis through the lenses of science and medicine, which is helping them understand the truths about the cannabis family of plants.

The biggest revelation for government officials was that cannabis, broadly speaking is separated into 2 different types of plants. Cannabis Sativa (marijuana) and Cannabis Indica (hemp).

Both have compounds that can help you feel better but the most notable difference between these two plants is that the Marijuana (Sativa) will get you high and the Hemp (Indica) will not.

Once the government fully realized the difference it legalized the Indica strains of cannabis (hemp). This allowed farmers to legally grow, sell, and process hemp. See the U.S. Farm Bill of 2018

Besides CBD Oil, which is the most popular Hemp extract, there are a plethora of other uses of Hemp like clothing, paper, ropes, building material, biodegradable containers, and much more.

As for the Sativa strains (marijuana), it has a long road ahead but it too will someday see full legalization across our nation.

Why Hemp Works

Human CBD receptor chart horizontal infographic, healthcare and medical illustration about cannabis

Like the central nervous system, your body also has another system known as the Endo-Cannibinoid System, or ECS for short.

It produces compounds called endogenous cannabinoids that your body uses to helps to make you feel better during times of stress, anxiety, and pain.

The ECS works by reducing inflammation and blocking pain receptors in a natural way, bringing your body back to a state of homeostasis at the cellular level.

When your body is under stress due to disease, illness or trauma then the ECS springs into action utilizing your bodies endo-cannabinoids.

Unfortunately our bodies sometimes fall short in making enough of these endogenous cannabinoids to keep up, especially when there is extreme stress, pain, and anxiety.

That is were hemp comes in to help.

Scientists discovered that plant based cannabinoids are a convenient substitute that helps boost our ECS. They figured out that when we consume plant based cannabinoids, they act in the same manner as the ones we already have in our body, thereby helping us feel better for longer periods of time.

There are other plants that also contain cannabinoids, but as it turns out Hemp just happens to have an more than most. Which is the reason why you feel better after smoking it.

Cannabinoids and Science

An interesting thing about Hemp flower is that it has multiple cannabinoids, over 100 have been discovered and they’re still counting.

Science is playing catch up after legalization causing scientists to struggle in their valiant efforts to learn the true implications of cannabinoids.

What know so far. Of the known cannabinoids, the most popular are:

  • CBD – Cannabidoil is the most familiar because it is the most abundant in hemp. It’s well known for it’s ability to help with neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain, and when used in higher doses to help with insomnia.
  • CBN – Cannabinol seems to also help with alleviating insomnia causing tranquility and relaxation. It’s also believed to help improve appetite but more research is needed to completely understand the hows and why’s.
  • CBG – Cannibigero is considered a minor cannabinoid because it’s not as abundant as CBD. CBG is thought to be effective for a wide range of issues including treatment for glaucoma, skin infections, and possibly stunting cancer cell growth. Again more scientific studies are needed.
  • CBC – Cannabchromene has the potential to reduce inflammation more than previously thought and is showing promise as an effective cancer fighting compound. It may also be a contributing factor in healthy brain function. But yet again more research is needed.

As research continues a better understanding of all the cannabinoids and their medicinal uses will evolve.

Buying Decisions with Smokable Hemp

Smokable hemp has a low THC content (.3%) so it won’t get  you “high”. In fact many people report an over all feeling of relaxation, calm, reduction of anxiety,  alleviation of pain, increase of appetite, to name just a few of the positive effects.

Reputable dispensaries in conjunction with certification laboratories and medical facilities are producing hybrid strains of hemp flower that combine elements of both the Sativa and Indica.

This is an attempt try to meet customer requirements that better isolate known cannabinoids so consumers can have the option to select strains that are dominant with the cannabinoid of their choosing.

One thing to look for when buying flower is the laboratory testing reports.

These laboratory reports will show you the breakdown and volume of each cannabinoid. This allows you to see how much CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and THC the flower contains so you can make a good buying decision base on your needs.

The “flower” or “buds” you see at Priceland Hemp all have Certificates of Compliance showing that the flower in the package has the legal amount of (0.3%) THC and is abundant in CBD as well as other cannabinoids.

While the hemp looks and smells very much like its cannabis cousin marijuana, smokable hemp has virtually nothing that can get you high. 

You get all the medicinal benefits of feeling better, sleeping better, improved moods, and pain relief but without feeling like you were drugged.

Terpenes and Entourage Effect

Terpenes are the compounds that deliver the flowers colors and aroma’s, similar to those you find with essential oils.

Research is showing that the hemp plant terpenes when combined with the variety of cannabinoids, play an important role in creating what is known as the “entourage effect”.

The entourage effect is when all the terpenes and cannabinoids ban together in a synergistic way that influences your body’s ECS to provide maximum therapeutic benefit.

All raw flowers should provide this effect. When using oils or creams, look for products labeled “Full-Spectrum”, this ensures all the cannabioids and terpenes were used during creating and will give the most opportunity to experience the entourage effect.

Again, look for the laboratory report so you can see for yourself what cannabinoids are in the flower buds.

Why smoke it?

If the nugs are what the tinctures (oils) are made out of why not just use the tinctures? CBD tinctures are great and work to help alleviate a variety conditions in many different people.

Using the oils may have a deeper longer lasting effect on the endocannabinoid system, but will take 30 minutes or longer before you feel the effect.

It takes longer because to ingest them which takes awhile to feel the benefits. When you ingest CBD it must be processed through your digestive system and liver before entering the blood stream.

A popular strategy for managing pain is using CBD oils as part of the daily regiment and only using flower for spikes in pain or anxiety when you need to take the edge off . 

Many people who use the Hemp Nugz report that there is a faster relief of pain and anxiety when smoking the flower. This is because the CBD’s are going directly into the blood stream.

The entourage effect again comes into play when smoking or eating hemp flower because it contains all the natural elements, nothing is processed.

A popular strategy for managing pain is using CBD oils as part of the daily regiment and only using flower for spikes in pain or anxiety when you need to take the edge off . 

Bottom Line

Hemp flower is a proven viable option when looking for natural alternatives to manage pain, stress, and anxiety.

Look for laboratory reports so you can make a good decision

Find dispensaries that are real, look for real stores, with real people who can answer all your questions

Use a combination of CBD Oil and Flower as part of your pain management

Always check with your doctor before adding Hemp to your personal wellness regiment