Top 10 Guided Meditations for Anxiety

CBD for Anxiety

Anxiety is a word that’s part of everyone’s vocabulary and to some extent, everyone’s life. A little anxiety is not a bad thing, but when is it too much? If anxiety is causing you to be irritable, lose focus, have difficulty falling asleep, or be less productive, it’s time to take action. Listed below are 10 meditation relaxation techniques to ease anxiety.  Even if you’re a little skeptical, choose one that is a good fit for you and give it a try. It only takes a few minutes. We’ve also included a bonus at the end of the list- two ways to make your meditation more effective.

Important note: The suggestions in this post are meant to help alleviate mild anxiety as part of a well-rounded approach to your health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or depression, please consult a licensed therapist or physician. 

Calming Anxiety Guided Meditation

10 minutes

calming anxiety guided meditation and cbd oil

This meditation will help you manage negative emotions and feelings. Negative emotions can be a major source of anxiety, and it can be very difficult to let go of them. Our mind is programmed to hang on to negativity. That means it takes extra effort to push those energy-sucking negative emotions aside and open up space in our mind for more positivity.

One review reads “I’m 31 years old and have had panic disorder and OCD since early childhood. I’ve sought help with guided meditation and they were useful, but I must say that this one has probably been one of the most helpful for me… if not THE most helpful. So calming and reassuring during a panic attack. Her voice is soothing and her words are comforting.”

Meditation for Anxiety – A Deepak Chopra Guided Meditation

15 minutes

Deepak Chopra is a well-known author and alternative medicine advocate. He began practicing transcendental meditation in the early 1980’s. Although he has moved on from that type of meditation, he still practices meditation and believes in its ability to heal the mind and body.

Reviewers comment that they enjoy starting their day with this meditation. One comment reads, “I find it really hard to relax. It almost never happens, but this helped me to keep calm and try to relax. I have tried to meditate to different things on YouTube, but this is the first that has helped. Thank you for making it.”

Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Overthinking

14 minutes

Do you worry and think too much about events that haven’t even happened, yet? This meditation is for you.  Many people have anxiety because they overthink, obsessing about negative outcomes for what will probably never happen. All of us have laid in bed at night wide awake, our mind running through all of the “what if” scenarios for something taking place the next day.  If you find yourself drowning in negativity about future events and overthinking every situation, click on the link above for some relief. 

Two recent reviews read:

“This helped me so much.  I’ve been dealing with crippling anxious thoughts, and panic recently and this really helped me to realize that anxiety is normal and that I’m in control of my mind. Thank you so much.”


“I’ve been so paranoid about events that haven’t even happened and get so many thoughts that if I don’t do a certain thing or ritual something bad will happen.  I’ve been so stressed and can’t sleep until very late, but this made me feel so at peace and that it’s just a state of mind.  I feel like I can finally sleep. Thank you.”

Meditation for Anxiety – Yoga with Adriene

14 minutes

If you’re new to meditation, this is for you. This is a perfect video for beginners. It’s a simple, 15-minute guided meditation that focuses on breathing, and it can be done sitting or lying down. In addition to meditation, yoga is a very popular way to help ease anxiety and depression. Yoga with Adriane has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube, and this particular video has over 3 million views. Take a look at these videos from her channel to explore how yoga can help your mind and body reduce stress:

Yoga for Uncertainty

Yoga for a Fresh Start

Yoga for Concentration and Mental Focus

A Guided Meditation for Anxiety – Russel Brand

15 minutes

Well-known actor and comedian Russell Brand began practicing meditation 8+ years ago. This video is for those looking for a little bit of humor paired with an engaging British accent. You may remember Russell from his role as the fictitious Rockstar Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Get Him to the Greek. This is a complete 180 from his larger-than-life, high-energy on-stage persona. Well, maybe not a complete 180. He manages to sneak in some of his characteristic witty humor, and his voice still has its naturally enchanting cadence, albeit at a slower tempo.  

10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety

10 minutes

With close to 6 million views on YouTube, this is one of the most-viewed meditations for relieving anxiety. This is what comes to mind for most people when they think of a guided meditation- A calm, monotone voice slowly leads you through the video. Scripted and read by mindfulness coach John Davisi, this is for those interested in traditional guided meditation and mindfulness.

Brief Mindful Breathing for Anxiety

5 minutes

Christiane Wolf, MD., PhD., is a mindfulness and insight meditation teacher. In this video, she focuses on using breath and mindfulness to reduce worry and help you focus on the present moment. If you’re short on time and looking for a quick break to de-stress in the middle of your crazy day, this will suit you perfectly. Visit for more information on mindfulness. 

Healing Spirit: Guided Meditation for Relaxation, Anxiety and Depression

29 minutes

This is the longest meditation on our list. Waves crashing on the beach. Soft chimes that blend into the waves. A delicate female voice very slowly leads you through the meditation. Having trouble falling asleep? This sleep meditation is for you. The comment section is full of people who fall asleep before getting to the end. This meditation is unique because it’s the only one on our list that incorporates delta waves. This article from Psychology Today explains more about delta waves and binaural beats. Subscribe to the MeditationRelaxClub YouTube channel for more nature sounds, relaxing music, and healing voices to help you sleep.

5-Minute Quick Anxiety Reduction – Guided Mindfulness Meditation

5 minutes

This is another one that’s short, sweet, and to the point….But don’t dismiss it. Sometimes you just need 5 minutes of stress management in the form of guided meditation to alleviate anxiety and lift some weight off your shoulders so you can face the rest of the day.  In this video, a gentle male voice leads you through a quick 5-minute meditation.  No background music.  No frills.  – Just a break from worry and stress.

Wim Hof Breathing Tutorial

1 minute

Wim Hof breathing is gaining popularity as a way to reduce anxiety, be more resilient, and feel more in control of your mind and body. This is definitely off the beaten path when it comes to meditation practices, but don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and try something new!

Excerpt from the Wim Hof Method website: Wim Hof Method breathing is simple and easy — everyone can do it! Just follow the steps. We recommend practicing right after waking, or before a meal, when your stomach is still empty. Note that WHM breathing can affect motor control and, in rare cases, lead to loss of consciousness. Always sit or lie down before practicing the techniques. Never practice while piloting a vehicle, or in or near bodies of water.

Bonus – Two Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Meditation

That may be the end of the list, but we’ve added a little extra. Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your meditation:

1.    CBD oil

Meditation is a natural way to help with relaxation and stress, and relieve depression. CBD oil is also an organic natural remedy that many people use to manage stress and anxiety. Combine the two in order to make your meditation more effective. You can read more about the benefits of CBD Oil in this articlePriceland Hemp is a family-owned business and a trusted name in the hemp industry. Learn all about CBD Oil and shop Priceland’s products through this link.

2.    Choose the Meditation That’s Right for You

People are different. Choose a meditation that suits your personal preferences and your lifestyle. If you can’t stand chimes and nature sounds annoy you, pick one with just a voice. If you only have a few minutes in the middle of your day, don’t choose a 40-minute meditation that will make you fall asleep. Look at your situation- How long do you want to devote to meditation? Are you looking for something to clear your mind at the start of the day or something to help you refocus midday? Don’t get discouraged if your first session isn’t a fit.  Explore and experiment.

Take Action to Lead a Healthier, Happier Life

Everyone deals with stress, anxiety, or depression at some point in their life. Everyone. The key is to do something about it. Invest a little time and try something new. It will pay off.  Incorporate meditation and CBD oil into your health and wellness routine as a natural approach to alleviating stress and anxiety. Your mind and body will thank you.