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cbd helps with holiday stress

COVID has many of us cutting back on visits and traveling for the holidays this year. But that doesn’t mean the holidays won’t be any less stressful. A “normal” December tends to be full of high expectations with tiring relative visits, office parties, and awkward social functions. But the current health crisis is causing 2020 to be anything but “normal”.

yearning to choke down one piece of Aunt Ruth’s meatloaf surrounded by loved ones is comforting.

On the one hand, nobody is going to miss Aunt Ruth’s strawberry meatloaf. Nor will you have to listen to slobbering Bob suck up to the boss all night. But on the other hand you might worry more about, and miss your loved ones – especially grandpa Joe who’s hilarious because he lost his politically correct filter long ago. It’s makes mom so uncomfortable which makes it even more funny. Ahh, but I digress.

The point is this: The 2020 holiday stresses may not be the same social maladies but the yearning to choke down one piece of Aunt Ruth’s meatloaf surrounded by loved ones is comforting.

It’s important to acknowledge that coping with stress during these uncertain times is a worldwide affair, you are not alone.

Stress can be good or bad. It is a natural and often healthy fight-or-flight reaction to life and death situations. It is a handy adrenaline boosting moment that assists you in fighting through or escaping when you encounter danger. It boosts your ability to physically act more quickly and decisively compared to times when you are in a causal state of mind.

However, stress for most of us in the United States does not come from life-and-death matters. Instead our stress kicks in for other reasons. Like worrying about heavy financial debt, confronting a boss to ask for a raise, losing a job, getting pulled over, speaking in front of an audience or having to eat Aunt Ruth’s meatloaf, again.

But the adrenaline boost that helps us physically is not always so helpful when you must deal with things in a civilized manner. That is the crux of stress in our modern world and 2020 has just turned it up a notch.

As much as want to “deal with it”, we are afraid we will lose control. We might either start swinging or say something that is hurtful (fight). Or maybe we pull back and try to avoid situations that trigger us (flight).

The problem however is that our lives seem to have an endless supply of stressful situations and this holiday season is no exception. Managing stress can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable but like anything else in life it’s worth doing right. Which may require making some lifestyle changes. Here are few things that might be worth looking at:

  • Reduce Triggers. Lower the amount of stress triggers in your life or confront them until they no longer trigger you. This may seem obvious but it is harder that it seems. It could mean changing jobs, removing yourself from an unhealthy relationship, or having a “real” talk with those who trigger you. How can CBD help? CBD modulates the 5ht serotonin receptor which helps you keep your cool in uncomfortable situations.
  • Exercise. CBD is a great companion to exercise because during physical activity your body releases endorphins and dopamine which are a type of neurotransmitter that helps relieve pain and stress. CBD also influences the production of dopamine which plays a role in regulating your mood
  • Healthy Food Options. Remember that your body naturally produces cannabinoids from the food you eat, especially greens, fruits, nuts, and other plants. CBD is just a supplement gives fills the cannabinoid gap between what your body produces and what your body actually needs. (see the section below for a better explanation)
  • Work Life Balance. All work and no play make can make you a Karen, don’t be a Karen. CBD, specially full-spectrum can give you the entourage effect moving your mind & body closer to homeostasis.
  • Sleep. You will feel better if you get good sleep. Avoid all the usual things like screen devices, noise, and light. Use black out shades if you must sleep during the day. Get in to the habit of going to sleep at the same time every day. A blend of CBD & CBG influences the production of serotonin to help you sleep better.
  • Morning Routine. Starting your day off on a positive note can stave off the effects of stress. Avoid just rolling out of bed, sucking down an energy drink, and getting straight to work. If you have to work at home, avoid the temptation to check emails first thing after waking up. Instead give yourself sometime in the morning to enjoy a shower, get dressed, and have morning coffee and breakfast. Did you know that you can add CBD to your coffee? It gives your coffee a nice earthy tone.
  • Mindfulness. You may not be what you think you are. But what you think, you are! Think about it. Start you day with positive affirmations, I’m worthy, I’m beautiful, I’m loved, I’m a great parent, I’m a thoughtful partner, I’m a loving spouse, and so on. You get the idea. If you say it enough, you will believe it.

Bottom line is that millions of people are using CBD because it can assist in an overall wellness regiment. The sooner you start daily dosing the sooner you’ll be ready for anything this holiday season throws at you, including the strawberry meatloaf Aunt Ruth sent you.

How CBD Helps:
CBD is an acronym for the word Cannabidoil.  Cannabidoil is one of over 100 cannabinoids (compounds) that is produced in the hemp plant.  Our bodies also produce Cannabinoids naturally through the food we eat, like fruits, vegetables, and other leafy produce. These Cannabinoids are like fuel for your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  The ECS among other things is responsible for reducing inflammation and calming feelings of anxiety.
Quite often our ECS does not get enough cannabinoids to keep up with the issues like chronic pain, panic attacks, and overall discomfort.  That is where CBD comes in.  CBD supplements the body’s own Cannabinoids giving your body’s ECS the fuel it needs to keep up.