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  • Smokable Hemp Flower

    The Government Revelation You walk into your local CBD shop and on the counter you see “Organic Hemp Flower” or “Hemp Budz”. It looks much like the cannabis (marijuana) buds you’ve been told that can get you “high”. But the person behind the counter assures you that this hemp flower is legal, that it will-not get

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  • The Top 7 Benefits of using CBD Oil

    How It Helps and Why It Helps It’s legal and has become so common that it can be found on the counter at Walgreens or even at the convenience store where you stop to get gas on the way to work each morning. It’s true, CBD is everywhere, but what exactly is it and what Continue Reading
  • CBD Oil for Anxiety

    Anxiety is one of the most common issues that people suffer from today. In fact, Xanax, one of the most prescribed medications in the United States is being handed out like Halloween candy for people who have anxiety. Many Xanax users also take sleeping pills to try to wind down so they can sleep at

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