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Wisconsin's First Authorized CBD Dispensary

Starting life as a brick-and-mortar store, PriceLand is Wisconsin’s first authorized Hemp dealer, offering the latest CBD Edibles, Tinctures, and Topicals at unbeatable prices at both its storefront in Black River Falls and right here on its online store. Following in our ancestors footsteps, PriceLand Hemp employs a vast knowledge of medicinal science to formulate unique botanical blends from plants with anti oxidative, healing, and protective properties, according to independent research.  PriceLand doesn’t just create the bog-standard you’ll find on its (retail and virtual) shelves, either ⁠— pop in-store and one of PriceLand Hemp Alchemists will crush a special botanical blend for you, tailored to your specific ailments.

Our aim is to provide a simple, natural, and effective product to people just like you who want to incorporate high-quality Hemp CBD as part of their self-care regiment. Whether your suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or just looking for an alternative anti-inflammatory, then one thing is for sure. Priceland Hemp CBD Oils, Creams, and Edibles can help in a way that will bring you towards a state of homeostasis without harmful side-effects.


If you have any additional questions about our products please call us at 715-299-5200

What’s the price per milligram

Today’s market you have lower-end and high-end pricing. One price doesn’t always mean the products are good, and definitely never will be determined until it passes all the tests. Average cost is usually $0.06 on the low-end and as highs $0.15 per milligram on the high-end. Higher priced products doesn’t always mean your getting the high-end products.   Look for full transparency of lab results and learn how to read them.

Where and how is hemp grown

Always look for American-grown cannabis from reputable growers that have standards set in place or have organic certifications.  We have very strict guidelines in growing our crops organically, and testing at each stage of our processing to ensure that what you put in your body doesn’t have heavy metals, pesticides, or residuals chemicals.

Product extraction and processing

Full spectrum extracts, (no isolate) based products made with pure distillate are always the best options and provide many more benefits from the complete cannabis compounds. C02 is the best way to achieve all the compounds via emulsification, but is slow and expensive. Ethanol is an alternative to carbon dioxide and if processed properly can be very economical, having great benefits also, including maintaining the compounds. There is a lot of miss information about ethanol but if removed properly during processing or evaporation, they reclaim 99.9% for their next batch.

Where’s the Lab Test or Full Panel?

Establish and reputable processing companies have in-house HPLC for compliance testing. From seed to sale we test our products in-house and also send samples out for third-party testing to ensure we are maintaining the highest level of quality. We are also fully transparent with our lab results and invite you to review them. If you have any questions then please call us at 715-299-5200 and we’ll be happy to help

Learn how to read lab reports

Many laboratory’s total or max thc, cbd, weight % and concentration. The weight is always the percentage of Cannabinoid’s total content in bottle. The concentration is the milligram per milliliter. For example, 75.87 mg/ml is 75 milligrams per dropper or millilieter of tincture oil

Customer Service

Always look for a company that answers their phone , and is willing & able to answer questions about their products. Our staff is knowledgeable and happy to answer all your questions from where our hemp is grown, where products are made, and which product might be best for your specific need. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 715-299-5200 and we’ll be happy to help

What to avoid

Please stay away from multi-level marketing companies that over charges for their products. They need to maintain the high pricing because the pyramid scheme has many levels of seniority and thus everyone of them needs their slice of the action.   At Priceland Hemp we control all aspects of our products from seed to sale and pride ourselves in our hometown style business model, ensuring that pricing stay’s wallet-friendly without sacrificing quality.

Where Is PriceLand Hemp Based?

118 Main St, Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 54615

How Do I Contact PriceLand Hemp?

You can reach us by our Contact Page, in-store, or by telephone at 715-299-5200.