Priceland Hemp is the first store-front dispensary to offer Wisconsin CBD Oil

Wisconsin Hemp derived cannabinoids like CBD are favorites among those looking for natural relief. Who want to minimize taking opioids or other synthetically manufactured drugs. Truth is that people take Hemp CBD Oil in the hopes of improving how they feel. They don’t take it because it tastes like candy, or because it’s fun or enjoyable. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the Hemp rabbit hole researching where to buy CBD oil products online. Then you’ve seen the outrageously priced and gimmicky products.

At Priceland Hemp, our mission has always been to serve our CBD community. This means we provide only the absolute best hemp oil extract on the market, period.  Our focus is gold-standard quality, safety, efficiency, and product transparency. Which is why we only sell a limited range of products in small batches. All made here in Wisconsin, USA. We believe in expertly crafted CBD hemp oil, that is made in the USA, and at the best value per milligram. Our aim is to stop at nothing to ensure that we are delivering the best quality. The best customer service. The fastest shipping with every single bottle of hemp oil extract we produce.

Whether your looking for 1000mg2000mg3000mg or 5000mg we have the concentration to assist you in your phytocannabinoid wellness journey. If you can’t find the exact hemp oil CBD you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 715-299-5200 or email us.

Wisconsin based Priceland CBD Oils are made from nutrient enriched hemp and ultralight coconut MCT oil. We are a closed loop company, meaning from farm to table, every process is controlled in-house.  We know how important it is to have genuine top-quality products. All our products are made with cGMP clean lab practices by expertly trained staff following strict standard operating procedures. Products are also 3rd party lab tested by one of the most prestigious Hemp CBD Oil laboratories in the county.

Whether your self-wellness is to help with pain, anxiety, inflammation, sleep, or just on over all well-being. You want a product you can rely on time after time. To be consistent, at the correct concentration levels, and free from any contaminates.